Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Fast Approaching!

I'm sooo excited...

Tucked in the pages of the new Juxtapoz, you can find my show card and the ONE sneak image of My Heart Shall Not Fear. I shamelessly took this picture in Barnes and Noble ~ that's how proud and excited I am.

AND...!!! Also featured (in said Juxtapoz issue) is the Bristol Museum show ~ with this great big center-fold photo!! This was a surreal moment for sure, a few weeks back. The Corey Helford Gallery thought it would be fun to get as many of the artists in the show together for one big quirky photo, and thar she blows. aaaahhhhh, good times....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Forever Me, England

I told you I would share, brace yourself...

Our trip to England was an unbelievable experience. It was by far the furthest place I've traveled from home, and by far the most inspirational. I am forever enriched ~ to say the least. I am so thankful to have shared the time and memories with the LOVELY people surrounding me, and in such a beautiful and powerful place as Bristol and London.

After our 10 hour plane ride, and two hour train ride into Bristol, our first stop was dinner with the Corey Helford group. I was spent, but ready to enjoy my people!!

Slept like a rock AND a baby and got up refreshed and ready to explore the Bristol streets before the private opening at the Museum...

We visited the Cathedral right next to our hotel, and that blew my face off so completely. I've never been in a place or experienced a place so ... again - powerful in all my life. So rich with history, so old and ... moving. I think it sounds pretty cheesy writing it in a blog, but to me, in my life, I'll never forget it.

And onto the big party!! So many gorgeous people, I have to show you all of them!

And I have to tell you that my outfit was inspired by double trouble - one part flight attendant (in honor of the loooong flight over) and one part Angus Young (school boy jacket and tie). There was no way in hells bells I was wearing a dress in that freezing weather!!

Dinner after the show, after Dita Von Tease, after all the hallabaloo and rukas the Bristol Museum could handle...

And the following day was the actual city's opening where we all lined up for signing and meeting and greeting the unbelievably gracious people of England that came out to support and say 'ello! Got to meet some faces IN PERSON I've clicked away at this keyboard for so long with, which was so wonderful. That made the trip even better (if that was possible). Thank you to your faces, you know who you are!!

And now for dinner that night - the group was taken by way of mercedes coach to our mystery destination far far the English brush and countryside...

To the Banks' home where we enjoyed good food, good friends and good laughs.

The morning woke us up bright (well, not so bright) and early with rain!! I love England!!

Lots of us left that day to go back home, but I stayed on with two of the bestest people ever to explore London some. But first was Christmas Steps. Christmas Steps? Really? Could it be more delightful here? (...howisthereaplacecalledChristmasSteps andIDON'Tlivethere?...Judas Priest!) Anyway...

And then there was LONDON LONDON LONDON!! The wet streets, the architecture, the history, the people (the accents!), the National Gallery, BIG BEN (lovelovelove), the bridges, the Circus', the getting lost, the getting MORE lost, ...hhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Okay okay, more.

My work is waiting for me downstairs, it's pulling me from my remenicence. (howdoyouspellthat?) I have only 3 weeks to complete the work for my upcoming show (Corey Helford Gallery June 26th) in time for photographing and press and all the final gallery details. So Cheers to you out there, cheers to Bristol and England in itself. Big Ben, I miss you. Already. See how my trip has inspired my head and my new blog MY HEART SHALL NOT FEAR: THE BLOG. Alright, I'm outta here!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Orange County Is My Home

ORANGE COUNTY ART AND CULTURE put together a spotlight interview with me! I've lived in Orange County all my life, it's great to have my home-town support my work! Go See!!