Monday, July 26, 2010

Excuse Me While I Disappear

That was fast. Comic Con came and went, now all I have are the pictures...Here's a grip of us (Jeffrey Scott, Me, Lola, Bob Dob and Travis Louie) all crammed in the Baby Tattoo Booth for some laughs and some signing...

It was a great day, hanging out with Lola and Bob Dob - trying to get around to see EVERYBODY was impossible, but we had fun along the way...

Chris Ryniak, Me, Lola and Mr. Johnny Rodriquez...

Lola and I busted out the quick sketch for Sketch Theatre whiles we were there - they'll be our silliest ones yet ~ I'll post them as soon as they're edited and ready to rumble. Lola spit her gum out in my hand during her sketch, if they don't cut it, it might be pretty funny. Good Times!

I didn't get around to seeing Lou Ferrigno, I was super-bummed. I really wanted to ask him to punch me in the stomach...maybe next year. Bob Dob and I had our signing at Hi Fructose where the time crunch hurt! Wish we had more time to chat with everyone!!

Got to see a few of you readers out there, THAT was great. Really, thank you for your kindness and support. You guys are unbelievable. For real.

This is the end of the night, here with Martin Wittfooth and Travis Lampe! Such great company the whole day! Now back to the drawing board...where I'll be for a bit!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tomorrow, I Love You!

Here we are! Tomorrow, in addition to signing at Baby Tattoo Books from 11-1pm at Comic Con, I'll be signing along side Bob Dob at the Hi Fructose Booth from 5-?pm. We did a special Luey vinyl figure together, and a special small drawing! This is Cupcake Luey, graphite on paper - will be available tomorrow!

The Luey figure sports a brand-new set of tattoos by Bob and myself. Bob filled up his sleeve with a spiderweb elbow and lots of traditional looking pieces while I added a snake vs black cat piece on his neck. Luey didn't feel a thing, he just sipped his milk the whole time...Good times...

And my final drawing of the five piece comic con series ~ this is Zebra Sky. Yay!

Okay, I hope all is well, and I hope to see some of you in the crowded convention center tomorrow!! YEEEHOOO!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nerd Alert!

Here are a few of the 5 small drawings I will be presenting at the Hi Fructose Booth at Comic Con this weekend. For those of you attending, here's the official info for Saturday:

Baby Tattoo Books Booth #601 - I'll be signing from 11am - 1pm

Sketch Theatre Booth #5563 - I'll be whipping out a sketch at 4:30pm

Hi Fructose Booth #4939 - I'll be releasing these fine fellas!!

There's 5 pieces in all, I'll post the final 2 when they're finished! My good friend Bob Dob and I will be signing together at the Hi Fructose booth, so we're gonna be working on a special Luey figure together - and one of these small drawings together (tomorrow!). I'll post asap.

So don't be shy if you're out my way Saturday. We're all there to nerd out and have a great time!! I've got Lou Ferrigno in my sights, I must get over there, if for nothing else than to stare in wide wonder...wish me luck!!

photo courtesy of C. Conway last year!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

San Diego Comic Con, Saturday

As many of you are aware, San Diego Comic Con will soon be upon us. I'll be there Saturday July 24th only, I do hope to see some of your beautiful faces as well!

You can find me at the Baby Tattoo Books Booth (THEE coolest books around), signing from 11-1pm and at the Hi Fructose Magazine Booth at 5pm along side Mr. Bob Dob. For the Hi Fructose Event, I will be releasing 5 (yes, only 5) original graphite drawings on paper - a very affordable Comic Con exclusive! Be There Babies!!

Remember, Saturday July 24th.

Continuing along on my romp through each piece from my show, the next piece that was created in the series was the biggest and baddest!! The show title piece; My Heart Shall Not Fear.

This piece measures 36"x48" - my very largest piece to date. I had to break through some tough anxiety before I could begin work on this beast, just the thought of working this big had me vexed for sooo long!

But I knew I had to kick out the jams for this show, I couldn't back down and whimper in the corner, no way. That's why this was the title piece, my heart shall not fear was dualy (howdoyouspellthat?) appropriate - in the story of the show itself, and also in my approach to work. I attacked this piece, went full force and had only one hiccup after laying down the first layer of color in the background. After many days of fear, and self loathing, I had no other choice than to pick up the brushes and keep on keepin on...and that's what I did until it was finished. It was the show title piece, the show card image advertising the show in magazines and it accompanied many interviews online in the months before the opening...

This piece means the world to me. I hung it up in my upstairs hallway when it was finally finished, and there it stayed until packing day. She was the very heart of the show, I hope her new owner will feel very loved by her.

Friday, July 9, 2010

July 10th, You're Insane

As I mentioned before, if you find yourself in the New York part of town this weekend - make your way out the the Vered Gallery - East Hamptons. There you will certainly find a mass of fine art works by the likes of Colin Christian, AJ Fosik, David Stoupakis and yours truly.

Also in New York this Saturday night - the talents of Sylvia Ji and Travis Louie at Joshua Liner!! (I KNOW! So much to see!!) Don't miss out on the East Coast this weekend!!

More news for this weekend - on the West Coast - this gorgeous young crazy will be celebrating her new works as well! Miss Natalia Fabia's (one of LA's top 10 favorite people of 2010!) Fashionable Aftertaste Without End will be at the Corey Helford Gallery Saturday night from 7-11pm.

If you can stand it - I've got two more shows for your weekend! The Monster Within opens this Saturday from 6:30-9pm at Giant Robot in LA. Buff Monster rounded up a grip of fine artists to reinterpret his toys, such artists as Miss Mindy, Johnny Rodriquez, Greg Craola Simkins, Travis Lampe, Joe Ledbetter...and the list goes on!!!

TONIGHT however, get your butts out to see Gallery 1988 LA's opening of it's fourth installment of Crazy For Cult - this show always promises a HUGE turnout and it can't be missed!!

Sweet Moses, can you believe July?!
Hope to see some of you around!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Love You Jan Helford!

I would like to take a moment here, to thank a very special girl I have the pleasure of knowing in this lifetime. Jan Helford, I'm talking about you...

I'll never forget meeting Jan at her home a few years back, while she was in the beginning infant stages of building the Corey Helford Gallery. She sat across the (50'sesque) diner table from me and my husband and kindly offered me my very first solo show. I remember being stunned, in my head, and letting Richard accept for me, for I hadn't the words...

Now, five years later and a HEAP of shared memories (and shows!) between us - I'm not only blessed to get to work together (so well), and have her HONEST love and support - but I'm blessed beyond belief to call her my very good friend.

Her husband Bruce Helford is her strongest support, making him one of MY strongest supports as well. I love them BOTH very dearly, as many, MANY people share the same affection. They've created something very special in their gallery (a home, a family, and a flippin GREAT PLACE TO SEE ART!!), and I am so thankful to share this life with them.

Jan and Bruce, thank you for EVERYTHING you're both one in a million!!

(I LOVE this picture!)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Art On The Edge, Hamptons, NY!!

With the excitement and duties of my solo show vying for my attention recently, I've failed to mention that I will be part of the Art On The Edge show this month in New York!! VERED GALLERY (East Hamptons) opens it's doors July 7th (with a special opening party July 10th) to celebrate the "new contemporary" - the first exhibition of this kind in the Hamptons!

Participating artists include Esao Andrews, Peter Buchman, Ray Caesar, Colin Christian, AJ Fosik, Adam Handler, Raul Higuero, Kris Lewis, Francesco LoCastro, Brandi Milne, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, James Roper, and Kostas Seremetis. If you find yourself in the neighborhood, stop on by - I wish I could!! Read on:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Juxtapoz Photos Too!!

Juxtapoz put up some photos of opening night (My Heart Shall Not Fear) that you can check out!! Just want to say thank you to Katie for the love!!! Thank you Juxtapoz!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hi Fructose Review!!

My friends over at Hi Fructose posted a review of my new work from My Heart Shall Not Fear!! The very talented and hauntingly beautiful J. L. Schnabel (you know her as Blood Milk) flattered with her words - I couldn't be more excited! We got a chance to talk on the phone as she got to the bottom of the new work. Go have a look!!

And so, next up on my way thru the making of my show was "Within The Hollow". This piece is a smaller story piece - the story is of these two little girls, out in the middle of a dream and they stumble upon this death head. The idea is that in this life, death touches down on everyone at some point - in some way. So here we're witnessing the moment these two little girls learn about death. They don't know how to deal with it (as children usually don't), so they're fascinated with it - they collect it and take it with their life forever.

There's a life and death side, a good and evil and a Heaven and Hell to this series of work. This, "My Name Is Lucifer, Please Take My Hand" is my first touch on the "evil" side of the show. A two-headed girl is usually a sign of evil, I'm sure in real life and in pretend. This girl finds a devil mask and as she picks it up it starts weaving it's evil web around her mind -and around her arm. It's soft flattering whisper is poison to her soul. Also, the title of the piece is a lyric from Black Sabbath's NIB, a tidbit that excites me!!

"The Outpour" is very serene - it's different from the others, I think. The girl in this piece comes across a dying bird. You can see it's soul moving to the heavens like magic sprinkles. It speaks of innocence and death and how this life is so cruel at times.

Describing this show, the work and subject and meaning - I'm a bit hesitant to describe all the death and darkness. Basically, it's all about death, and I fear people will be turned off by that. Buuuuut, all I can do is do my best and be honest, right? :)

***A very big thank you to Hi Fructose Magazine, for all their unbelievable non-stop support to the arts - Annie Owens and Atta Boy (as I've mentioned before) head up the magazine and are greatly talented artists themselves. Talk about busy busy busy!! Thank you for everything you do. Thank you to Jess Schnabel (Blood Milk), for being honest and comforting.