Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Five Ways To Beat The Heat

Number One: Eat Popsicles.

Number Two: Jump In Swimming Pools.

Number Three: Slap Your Closest Neighbor.

Number Four: Rip The Flesh From Your Legs.

Number Five: Flippin Explode Into Space.

Or hang out in someone awesome's awesome backyard and throw pies in their face...or in their wig.

My friend Miss Mindy (art~girl extraordinaire) will be having an art show (Pie In The Sky) September 10th in Culver City (WWA Gallery), where she will be revealing her very latest (and VERY GREATEST) new works along with her sister C.J. Metzger. The lovely ladies have also put together a film (Pie For A Pie) that will be projected in the gallery and on loop all night!

If you're in the area, you won't wanna miss it - I promise. Pie In The Sky ~ Do It!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Happening Again

Summertime is NOT my favorite Season. In fact, it's my most dreaded. I'm gonna go ahead and say that not only does it effect my hair, my skin and my over all enthusiasm, it effects my work too. Summertime has me at my most uninspired.

But, as we find ourselves in the last month (kinda) of full-fledged summer, I can see September on the horizon and that gives me much gladness. To finally crawl out of this ugliest of ugly seasons, and be able to drift into my MOST favorite - MOST INSPIRED time of year is giving me a rush of new life in my sketchbook!

It also helps when you're on a tight deadline and need a finished piece of artwork in a few short weeks too. But it's the blossoming of new breath in that piece that makes me feel hopeful and ready to roll...!!! ...can I get a hail-yeeh?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Sad Taco; La Vie Est Un Cochon

My search for renewed inspiration is at a full-blown frenzy right now. Getting back into work has felt a bit strained as of late and I'm at a point where I gotta get back into it or I'll start going berzerk.

I've been frequenting antique and thrift stores, searching photos and nonsense online, snapping up records and shoes like they're going out of business and just trying to find my starting point for my next inspired series of paintings...

It hasn't sparked yet, I'm feeling a little like Dorothy before the tornado hit. But even in these colorless days, I know something excitings brewing and waiting to slap me across the face...

Until it does, my search will continue...