Thursday, April 30, 2009

Show Closing

Well folks, tomorrow marks the final day of my recent solo show at Thinkspace Gallery in Silverlake. It was a great show, thanks to everyone who made it out opening night and throughout the month to view the works. Thanks to Andrew Hosner and crew over at Thinkspace, for your hustle and hard work, your support and kindness. Thank you to my collectors and fans, for your support and energy that I thrive on. The other artists and fine talents that I love and respect, for continuing to decorate this world with your beautiful voices. All the people in my life that make my work what it is - who inspire me, encourage me, make me mad, support me and make me laugh! HA! And to my mom, for giving us EVERYTHING her whole life - her laugh, her smile, her mad face, her tears, her worry, her ridiculousness, her stupid, her intellect, her talent, her time and her life.

Here's a word from myself & Thinkspace:

Brandi Milne
Run Rabbit, Run
On view through May 1st

“…My girls are an endless narrative for me. She's my way of voicing an emotion in a piece, sad, innocent, scared. The happy characters around her are flash and silly like the world we live in. The strawberries I draw are symbolic for my heart, or the hearts of people that I love. There's a lot of strawberries in my recent work, for obvious reasons, they're really special to me right now.” – Brandi Milne

"...Brandi Milne completely knocked it out of the park with Run Rabbit, Run and the press and fans agree. We had a huge turnout on opening night to support Brandi and many were out front waiting for the doors to open to take part in Brandi’s special ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ that was held during the opening reception. In all, over 50 eggs were hidden about the gallery, both inside and out, and over 40 lucky winners walked away with some amazing prizes, including one-of-a-kind original drawings from Brandi as well as special hand-knit stuffed Easter Bunny heads on lil’ sticks with ribbons and bells attached. Be sure to check out the opening night shots for many of the lucky winners and their prizes as well as pics of all the action, including shots of all the artists that came out that evening to support Brandi..."

For information on pieces still available from this series, CLICKETY CLICK HERE! The pieces in this show are picking up a lot of heat throughout the land - support from fans, bloggers and happy people everywhere! Check em out, tell me what YOU think!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stainless Steal Droppings, Thank You.

Finding this, has blown my mind. I was asked by Carl to do an online feature of my work from my latest show Run Rabbit, Run on his site. I gave him permission to post my images, and he went to work on it. But seeing it up today, I was truly touched by his kindness and extreme support - I wanted to share it with you now. The site is STAINLESS STEAL DROPPINGS where he has selflessly featured my work, and written some of the nicest comments I will never forget. Thank YOU Carl, so much, and his readers - you made me stop in my tracks today. Please know, it means the world to me.

So Good

Miss Mindy's Sassy Paper Doll Bonanza

Yesterday was the LA Times Book Fair at UCLA. It was incredible - at least in the Baby Tattoo Books tent! I was there along with my beautiful new friend and inspiration MISS MINDY!! We had a great time together, with Bob Self of Baby Tattoo Books - signing, talking, laughing, shrieking (Bob) and meeting old fans and new!! Thanks for coming by, saying hello, it's always such a pleasure! Congratulations to Mindy on her new ROWDY book SASSY PAPER DOLL BONANZA!! Go meet the artist, check out her book, have it signed, and see sexy lay-days in frilly costumes prancing around the event!! She's as insane a talent as I've ever seen - so creative and full of life!! LOVE. (see her book image above!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

LA Times Festival Of Books This Weekend

For those of you who will be attending the LA Times Festival Of Books this weekend (Saturday & Sunday), please stop by the Baby Tattoo Books booth and say hello!! I will be signing there on Saturday from 12-4. I'm brainstorming an idea for a fun little giveaway that'll look really cute with my book. This is the icing on the cake for me - these events turn out to be so much fun. I'd love to see you there so come on by!!

405 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Monday, April 20, 2009

Look What I Found!!

HOLY SMOKES, look what I found online!!! WENDY MEAGHER is the maker of these UNBELIEVABLE creations. Here are some of her elephants, but she does all kinds of different animals. I went nuts when I found her work, but I can't find any that are still available. I would freak to be able to purchase one of her elephants!! Go look!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hi Fructose Feature Vol. 11

The brilliant minds of talented artists Annie Owens and Attaboy got together and whipped up one hell of a miraculous epic journey and called it HI FRUCTOSE MAGAZINE. If you've ever had the pleasure of handling an issue, you know what I'm talking about. When I first set eyes on my first copy at Barnes and Noble Bookstores, I almost threw up with excitement and bright eyed wonderment. From it's lush pages dripping with images of beautiful contemporary art, to it's real vs. surreal personal interviews and features of artists both established and up-and-coming, but equally important in our time. The magazine sheds light on MY work (with a SIX PAGE SPREAD!! Hoo-Boy!!) in this issue, as well as other artists I respect and admire - such as Chet Zar, Mark Ryden and many more! I'm honored to be among these talents, as well as tucked in the pages of this honest and super fly magazine. Hi Fructose is available at any news stands and book stores, get yers NOW before they're all gone!! Thank you Annie and Attaboy, for one fine experience!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Show Reviews!!

Whoa Nelly! There's been quite the positive review of my show around the internet ~ I'm still whirling from all the support and wonderful feedback! I work my butt off, do my very best pouring my heart into my work and shows - it really feels great knowing that a lot of people can appreciate that. Here's a review on, they posted some fun images, photos, and an interview video from that night!

"Brandi Milne opened her show Run Rabbit, Run at Thinkspace Gallery with a bang. As if we're surprised. Brandi's colorful paintings, accompanied by beautiful drawings, an Easter Egg hunt for prizes, and a wealth of fans made for an epic opening.

“The Easter Egg Hunt went off so smooth and was so much fun – over 40 excited winners throughout the evening, all walking away with some quality goodies thanks to Brandi,” Gallery co-owner Andrew Hosner tells us. From a look at the night in opening night flicks below, we’re apt to agree: Brandi’s opening makes us want to turn into little rabbits ourselves and run…straight to Thinkspace Gallery."

CLICK ME to see the rest of the feature @

The kind folks over at Daily Du Jour ran a great gallery of images/shots from the show as well as a terrific review!! FIND IT HERE! Thanks to all for your support~ I can't say it enough!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Beautiful People

Here's to you, the lovely people who follow this blog, cheers & thank you!! It really makes me SUPER happy when I see a new person following and supporting my art diary. I spend sooo much time looking at other blogs, scooping up inspiration from all over the globe!! People are incredible, working hard, being creative and productive. We're fortunate to live in such a time when we can all unite and inspire each other peacefully on the internet. So thank you for your interest, thank you for your time. :) Join me!! Let me know how you feel!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Artwork and Fun For All!!

Check out my show pieces, see what's still available for purchase and feast your eyes on SUPER SUGAR SASQUACH SMILES!! Enjoy!!

San Fransisco Trip

I love this city - I've only been there twice, but it's so .... ??? I just love it! We flew to Sacramento to see the capitol building, and it was boring. Then we took a bus to the Golden Gate Bridge, where we walked across, got on a bus and went to Fisherman's Warf. From there, we took a boat to Oakland and we flew back home!

More Fun

My solo show titled Run Rabbit, Run opened Friday night @ THINKSPACE GALLERY with a BANG! The Easter Egg hunt was a success, with over 20 happy winners! The crowd was thick, I was pleased as punch! My good friend (whom I've mentioned before), Jason Maloney seen here with Thinkspace Gallery's LC (also of Cannibal Flower) made my night that much more special! A picture of the window installation in front of the gallery, and a quick shot of me signing my book for a happy patron. See a lot more HERE of the excitement and scene! Thanks to everyone who came out and to all who visit my website and blog!! Your support means a lot!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Your Faces Make Me Happy

Some images of some of the folks that came out to make my show 100% awesome last night, from top to bottom, here is Andrew Hosner and LC from Thinkspace Gallery, Beautiful Flowers from the crew (thank u!!), artist Ana Bagayan, artist Jennie Cotterill & musician David (also winners of a few Easter Egg surprises!!), artist Mark and wife Jenn Dugally (with myself and my husband Richard!). Thanks to ALL that made it out, more to follow!

Your Faces Make Me Happy

More images of the special people in my world, thanks for coming out!! From top to bottom, here is artist Robert Quintero, artist Gris Grimly, model/actress Sybil Martinez, artists (l-r)Bob Dob, Daniel Peacock, (myself) & Greg "Craola" Simkins, Leah Abbot Whitaker and artist Audrey Kawasaki. Their support and enthusiasm mean the world to me! More images to come, as all the pictures find their way into my hands!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Here's a little peek into what lies ahead!! THINKSPACE GALLERY pretty much says it all here, with all the interviews & links one could dream of. Couldn't be more excited for this one, we've all put our very best into it - can't wait to see it all put together on Friday.

This just up and lookin swell also at JUXTAPOZ.COM More behind the scenes action and gallery goodness to feast your eyes on. WHAT A WORLD, WHAT A WORLD!!

ARRESTED MOTION just posted some new pics from their visit Sunday as well! Thanks guys for coming by and see you Friday!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Exquisite Goodness Continues

Yesterday was installation & drop off day at THINKSPACE GALLERY. All my blood and tears since October '08 are safely being shuffled, hung and lit in the beautifully capable hands of Thinkspace's Power Duo Andrew Hosner and L. C. My work is done, my workspace in empty, and now anxiously waiting the event. You can read an interview with Thinkspace and myself HERE, read my thoughts on music, childhood and pig noses! Also, all the fun goodies for the Easter Egg hunt are in place - this is a sneak shot of the four Bunny Head Sticks I sewed, stuffed and mounted on a dowel. Ribbons and jingle bells and little bunny shivers! The magic and maddness will begin Friday, April 10th from 7-11. Much much thanks to Andrew for ALL his hard work and dedication to this event, Hi Fructose magazine for their support and feature this month, Annie Owens (suuuuuper cute!) and Attaboy for taking the time to come out to see the work yesterday before going home to San Francisco, Marcus Lo of ARRESTED MOTION for also making it out for a behind the scenes look yesterday, and to my husband Richard...for everything.

Now, there's plenty candied goodness to behold here while we wait with a Q & A from MR. MARK MURPHY. I had the pleasure of meeting Mark at Baby Tattooville in Oct. - he's been a huge support and super hard at work getting as many artist's voices and work seen and heard as he possibly can. My work went with him to Art Basel in Florida this past Dec. and will be part of an enormous artist profile project soon exploding on the scene! Mark Murphy is as insane a talent as he is a promoter, look at him go HERE! With someone like Mark on my side - his selfless generosity, his sincere support and his spectacular humor - I'm feelin pretty blessed.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lookit That Girlie In The Window.

If someone told me my picture would've been advertising HURLEY in a huge window graphic someday, I would've laughed in their FACE. But, it's happening as we speak, on Main Street in Huntington Beach (right by the pier), in the window of Jack's Surfboards. Hurley has been a HUGE supporter of the arts, rockin my artwork online (along with the likes of Todd Schorr, Jason Maloney, Bob Dob, Chet Zar, Lola and many, many more fine talents) - as well as rockin MY FACE by the beach!!!! Super Talented Artist and one of my cooooolest good friends, JASON MALONEY has been giving Hurley the time of their lives as their latest and greatest (I might be a little biased) resident artist. With his mind behind the magic, look for many exciting features with artists such as Ron English and Big Foot, Greg Craola Simkins, and more! So happy to be a part of all the ruckus!