Friday, August 15, 2014

Here is my newest painting titled "Soothe Yourself" (12"x12" framed, acrylic on panel), it will be exhibiting in the upcoming Corey Helford Gallery group show that opens Saturday, August 30 in Culver City!! All the pieces in the show will be measured 12"x12" in order to offer great (smaller) art from wonderful artists without breaking banks. Check out the list of names below, it's good!!
I will be attending opening night and if you find yourself in Culver City - come by, say hi!!
Jan Corey Helford and myself opening night :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Opening Night Here Inside My Broken Heart

June 14th was opening night of my latest solo exhibition "Here Inside My Broken Heart". After nearly two years of working on the show, it was certainly nice to have a wonderful {dizzying} reception and see such lovely faces. Thank you to each and every one of you that made it out to the show opening night as well as through the month. I'm finally getting around to sharing the photos as I am OCD about getting names right also being lazy!! (professional photos by Sam Graham courtesy of the COREY HELFORD GALLERY as well as blurry weird IPhone shots by me)
A HUGE thank you to Jan Corey Helford And Sherri Trehan for everything. I heart you ladies.
{Signing books is fun!}
{Shelley V. and artists Natalia Fabia and Tomi Monstre}
{Myself and Steven Daily (artist)}
{with the lovely Ryh Ming Poon}
{Misha (artist) and Abigail Greydanus (latex designer)}
{Shamane, Natalia Fabia, Marcel Feldmar and Shelley V}
{I love this picture!}
{spun sugar fixes all around! (a must)}
{myself and kiss from Camille Rose Garcia (artist)}
{Jacqui, myself, Jessica Louise (Jessica Louise clothing) and Amy Doan (Sugar Pill Make Up)}
{Myself with (artists) Camille Rose Garcia and Greg Simkins (and tiny Greg)}
{Glenn Arthur (artist), lovely model Irene Yuen and Cody Raiza (artist)}
{Abigail Greydanus myself and gorgeous Vanessa Lake (model)}
{Camille Rose Garcia, me and Mr. Bob Self (Baby Tattoo Books)
{Natalia Fabia (artist), Camille Rose Garcia (artist) and me!}
{My Humpty}
{Me and tiny P ~ Tomi Monstre}
{Bob Dob (artist), Nathan Ota (artist) and Shawn Barber (artist0}
{Self Sandwich with Rani and Bob Self (Baby Tattoo Books)}
{Camille Rose Garcia, meeeeee and Bob Dob}
{Jan Corey Helford, Sharmane, Camille Rose Garcia, Jessica Louise, Brandi Milne, Natalia Fabia and Jacqui}
{The gorgeous and talented Kim Saigh}
{Samwiched in The Hundreds Ben and Bobby}
{Camille Rose Garcia, me, Natalia Fabia and Jan}
{Luke Chueh and fluffy blue spun sugar}
{That Brandi Milne, Barbra Ann Duffy (actress/model/funny girl) and Bob Self}
{Marquis Howell (musician), me and Barbra Ann Duffy}
{Irene Yuen, myself, Cody Raiza and Glenn Arthur}
And a very, very special thank you to Jan for all of your support and for believing in me from the moment we met. I love you Jan Helford!