Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Only A Couple Left!

Only a few Tea Party prints remain in MY SHOP, if you love it and want it, hurry before they go away!!

eeeee, and HAPPY 2010 EVERYONE!! Keep it safe, keep it sexy.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas To All


Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Wait For It The Whole Year Round

With only a few more days til Christmas, things have been so super hectic and crazy ~ but in a good way! I love seeing all the Christmas lights at night, all the toys, candy and decorations in the stores, assembling & wrapping gifts, making cupcakes and cookies, Holiday Parties and get togethers...there's no better time than this.

Went to the Long Beach Flea Market and I went nuts with all the Christmas Vintage piles! I came away with some pretty spectacularly brilliant Elves, no Santas but there sure were a whole lot! This is all fuel for my creativity...

I love that people put their effort into the seasons, last time it was Halloween, this time, Christmas...I love a theme something awful!

It was off to Miss Mindy and Rick O'Brien's Dr. Sketchy's Holiday Bonanza with Bob Self and his lovely band of models last night!

The Belle of the Ball, Miss Mindy is just so gosh-darn-lovely! The place was UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE...so warm & cozy inside, so crazy insanely fun and lit up outside! A full-size mushroom house?! Fire pits and ponds of leaves?! Trees and stones and cages with butterflies?! Models with feathers and stockings in trees?!

We scooped up Bob Dob with a quick visit to his studio before hopping on over to Mindy's...HOLEEE MOSES, what a place! I'll be back with my camera next time, it was so inspiring. Here he takes a break from sketching to eat one of my black and white cupcakes...

Daniel Peacock brought his wonderful talent and showed us how to do. A visit to his studio is next, believe it or not...it will happen.

Daniel and Bob draw in Mindy's exciting work place, where her very magic hands create such juicy ladies and Halaballoo.

Miss Mindy O'Brien

Rick O'Brien

So happy to have been included in their very warm world of O'Brien. The two of them make me so happy - they make EVERYONE so happy! Much much love to Bob Self and family, the Dr. Sketchy's ladies, all the people who show up in support of people's creativity and talents, and to the boys and girls I get to call my friends and family!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Someday At Christmas

I'm so inspired from so many different creative people out there! I love that people just need to create what they like. They like it, they need to see it over and over in different ways.

Here is an illustration and photo from Gustavo Aimar. I can't read what he writes, but his work is so lovely and cute!

Lili Scratchyis amazing. I love all the funny faces and crazy shapes she makes with ceramics. I wish I had an entire wall decorated with her silliness.

Eleonora Arroyo does cut outs from cardboard it looks like, and I just love her freedom! The patterns and colors are so striking.

Eleonara Arroyo, everything she makes is cute. I love trying to imagine when she was making all these, her face, probably smiling. Setting em all up for their picture!

And Majeak Ann kills me! She has so many books!

Poly Bernatene works in what looks to be watercolors. It's so messy and tight at the same time, I can't get over it! So good!

Happy early weekend before Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So Edgy CUTE!!

It's here!! It's really HERE!! My copy of Edgy Cute came in the mail this week!! It turned out so unbelievable I'm over the mooooon in love! The cover is so good. It's just so exciting and fun - PLUS - it has what I consider a little golden book spine, which is such a plus!

There's such great work inside, such a great choice of artists who's work I love and admire so much.

This book is such a treasure, and I know there have been so many posts of gift ideas before Christmas, but I say if you've got a few last minute items to pick up - and this fits just right - PICK IT UP!!

Travis Lampe

It features the likes of this guy - whom I adore! His work is full of mischief and much brouhaha with SAD ENCHANTMENT as his running muse!


Nicoletta Ceccoli

Her work is exquisite and soft ~ so deeply mesmerizing I can get lost in it forever.

Ana Bagayan

Ana's pieces included in this book represent Edgy Cute so well. I love her colors, her snow and sprinkles with hurt and blood and carnivorism!

Angelique Houltkamp

Hip Hip for Tattoo Inspired Art that looks this good!! I love this woman's world.

Brian Viveros

And this man's work is just unbelievable...come on.

Liz McGrath

Cute and horrific? Please, Liz does it best.

Matte Stephens

Matte's work is so fun and full of energy it makes me want to scream and get to work myself! So good.

Brian Taylor


Motomichi Nakamura

Edgy Cute is packed. With goodness. I'm so thankful to have been included in this book. There's not one person I'm not stoked to be represented with in these pages.

Get it.

It's good.

(Thank you HARRY SAYLOR for being so flippin rad!)

Annnnnnnnd, if you've got a minute, take a stroll over to the HURLEY website, where I was interviewed for a spot as the featured artist! weeeet!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Certainly Swell

Myself and the ever-so-illusive Mr. Daniel Peacock

Saturday night was the Multi-plane show at the Corey Helford Gallery. Lotsa faces, lotsa names - great art and great fun! Thank you to all that came out to support the arts - it was rainy and wet, but worth all the trouble! Here, it'll be like you were there...almost.

Myself, Buff Monster and friend, Greg Simkins (his hat) and good baby

Lola, Carlos Ramos, Angelique, Kim Chueh, Natalia Fabia, Daniel Peacock (I love group photos)

Nouar, Ana Bagayan and Meridyth, Lola and me!

Johnny Rodriguez, Greg Simkins (& crazy baby!) Gary Baseman, Coop, myself and Richard Scarry

Me and Jan Helford (there's Johnny in the back)

Abbey from So Good For Bunnies Blog

Abbey was my second runner up for Tiny Bo Bo. I hadn't heard back from the original winner, so Merry Christmas Abbey!! She came to pick his little butt up and see some wonderful multi-planes.

Myself and the talented Mr. Thomas Han

The artwork is insanely wonderful, I really suggest going out to see it before it comes down - you have less than a week!