Friday, October 29, 2010


Where has the time gone?! Halloween's in just two days?? I've been so busy I've lost track of time it seems...

I wish I had at least two more weeks before Halloween, I love it so much. When it's over, it's on to Christmas for me, and I'm gonna miss all the Halloween inspiration. So here's to a great Spooky HALLOWEEN on Sunday!!

And here's to all the inspiration you can soak up til then!!!

More Vintage Costumes HERE, they're great!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Love Notes For Oktober

A while back I did a Creative Spaces photo shoot with photographer Kevin Knight. He'll be putting together a book of 100 creative people in their work spaces, but until that project is finished, he put together a blog with a few questions for some of those artists. You can visit my workspace HERE, and have a quick read about my favorite album of all time and the Pepsi challenge...

Also, as we approach Hallows Eve and Hallow Een, don't miss out on my Halloween print "Give Me Your Soul, Little One" available at the Corey Helford Gallery NOW!!!

Where else in the world will you find a quiet singing pumpkin...

...a witch with a cat mask on...

...and three tiny kitties dancing to their final reward? Only here my dear.

And Dearest October,

I love you something serious...
I fear I always will.

Love Always,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Inspired Choch-Keys

Living in Southern California can be a bummer at times for a girl who loves rain and gloomy skies ~ but we've got some gloom as of late, and even some rain and THUN! So happy to see some Fall weather like when we were kids, especially as we approach my favorite of favorite Holidays (aside from Christmas...i think)!!

So Halloween it is inside my four walls ~ pumpkins, masks, skeletons, lights, cats, candy...I have too much stuff stuffed everywhere, and half this stuff is up all year...(what?)

And in the way of Halloween Children's books, here's two more I picked up for to selfishly gobble up! The Halloween Kid by Rhode Montijo is beautifully simplistic in all it's traditional orange, yellow and black...

Here's Ryan Heshka's Welcome To Monster Town in all IT'S greens, yellows and blues ~ my heart actually squealed inside my chest when I saw this at Barnes and Noble amongst the usual boring uninspired children's Halloween books...(sorry, but most of em are pathetically flippin dumb)

Ghosts, Goblins, Vampires, Clowns, Skeletons, Pumpkins, Cats, Frankensteins, Zombies, Werewolves, Mummies ~ even pirates (all done just right) surely ring my bell somethin awful as I've said before.


And this little Glow In The Dark Yeti from Gamma Go is brilliantly perfect in every way, I had to add it to this post. BUT ~ if you run out and grab one up for yourself, be warned that the legs don't move to sit down as they seem to appear - I broke his little leg off the second I got it home trying to make him sit for me on my desk...bummer.

And in addition, might I add that my lovely little friend Lola (Of Lola Fine Art) has joined the good folks over at Hint Mint (the Original Designer Mint) in effort to shed some beautiful light on Breast Cancer Awareness in their Art For Awareness Series. Her tin is pretty as the Dickens so if I were you I'd run out right now and getcherself one'a these little ladies before they disappear!! (it says You Need This Mint) Shag Of Shag has done his part as well for BCA, so start runnin!!

Happy Almost Halloween!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Give Me Your Soul Halloween Print

It's HERE! Time for another Halloween Print, says I!

For your Haunted Hallowed Pleasure, creep on over to the Corey Helford Gallery and scoop up this tasty little treat for your very own! Now available; "Give Me Your Soul, Little One" as a limited edition archival print on linen paper exclusive thru the Corey Helford Gallery!!

Don't wait ~ Halloween is ALMOST HERE!!!

Also, (a fun little ditty) 944 Magazine features 6 Orange County artists for their October issue - including yours truly!

A few months back I had a photo shoot with Mark Sacro (who is brilliant!!) for the issue ~ I had so much fun and Mark was able to make me feel at ease in front of his lens. Here's the final shot, along with some of my favorite players from my recent works (INCLUDING the Witch and kitties from Give Me Your Soul, Little One!!). Much thanks to 944 Mag and to Mark Sacro for making me comfortably cool!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Live It, Love It

Goodness Gracious, my desk is a mess!! Right now I'm juggling 5 different projects in my mind and on my desk. One of which I can tease you with a bit here...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tattooville, Baby!

Baby Tattooville came and went after a whole year of anticipation...and all I have left are the memories...

This is what it looked like for me ~ silly, rowdy & HOT!!

The biggest thank you to Bob Self ~ the mastermind behind the insanity, and to all the attendees and artists that make it possible. It ruled, once again.

{so cute!}