Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Don't Mind You Comin Here, And Wastin All My Time

See This and try NOT to love Scarlett.

As we've turned the corner into a new year and new decade, I find myself searching for new inspiration. New New New New. I was all set to do a wrap up of 2010 (like I did for 2009 here), but can't stop myself from looking forward - not backward. Even tho last year was an unbelievable year for me (museum show in Bristol, big trip to England, huge solo show @ CHG, lots and lots of play time with artists I LOVE, another rad Baby Tattooville and so on and so on...), right now I wanna throw myself into a fresh new beginning ~ and when I say that, I'm mostly talking about art ~ and in turn that means my life.

I do wanna thank each and every one of you that comes and visits me here. I hope you all made it into the new year safe and happy and ready to get rowdy. Let's do it.

I can't stop watching this...(how do you spell watching?)



Michele Lynch Art said...

Cute video! She is such a beautiful woman. Michele

Penicillium said...

Scarlett Johansson is so gorgeous.
I love her round face and her eyes !

Anonymous said...

some great images to be inspired by :))

Anonymous said...

some great images to be inspired by :))

Kthomp said...

I love the old pics you post. I absolutley love vintage items! You are an amazing artist.