Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Volcanic Ash And You

Due to the unusual event of volcanic eruption and ash floating about the skies, the opening of the Bristol Museum "Art From The New World" exhibit has been postponed to May 15th. For those of you out that way or those that are traveling to see this show, make sure you take note of the changes!!

The stories of shipping nightmares have been a'plenty, but it's all been settled now and the show goes on! This line up of artists makes me giddy, no joke. I wish I were going to Bristol to see the works together, but I'll be here in a painting fever!! No such time for play...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Twas FUN!

Thanks to everyone that came by the Baby Tattoo Booth Sunday to say hello! Had so much fun with Miss Mindy and Rick O'Brien too - as always! Nice to see everyone's smiley faces, hope to see more of you at Comic Con this year!!

(Thanks Mindy for this shot! You can see her blog HERE!!)

(what a cutie!!)

I'm working like MAD on a few more pieces for my show. It's shaping up and lookin swell - hope to see ALL YOUR PRETTY FACES opening night! Until then, please have a look into the madness and mindset of the show HERE at my new blog specific to My Heart Shall Not Fear. It's goodstuff!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Book Signing LA Times Festival o'Books!

If you're gonna be at the Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books tomorrow (April 25th), don't miss the Baby Tattoo Books Tent - the funnest, fiestiest tent around! I'll be there signing, meeting and greeting your pretty faces from 1-2:30pm. Miss Mindy will be there as well, so don't be shy, come on by!!

Information on the Festival HERE.

Last years event was so much fun, so don't miss out - Baby Tattoo Books (how could you forget a name like that?!) See you there!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Der Wooden Headed

I wasn't able to get out to the We Heart Wood show opening at Munky King Melrose last week due to a photo deadline crisis I was having at the homefront...bummed because I so wanted to see all the other pieces - and catch some of their creators to boot! BUT, I'll make it up sometime over the next few weeks to see the works for sure...

I can't believe the installation, what an insane idea - it looks great!! We can only expect genius when it comes to Noferin and Munky King...so glad to be part of this ensemble. Here My Sweet Wonderland is displayed in their two pairs, Cheshire & Mushroom and Alice & Sweets.

For more information and a look at all the Jibibuts, GO HERE and have a look-see. Happy browsing!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh Dahling, Let Me Tell You...

Dinner with some incredible people the other night, INCREDIBLE. Jan and Bruce Helford (Of the Corey Helford Gallery) hosted the event in Santa Monica to celebrate the Bristol Museum show (here on our soil) before the opening in Bristol May 1st.

In a group of this magnitude, I find myself shy again - too shy to get up and take a picture of the entire group ~ which I KICK myself for later (now). Shag, Coop, Travis Louie, Sylvia Ji, Lola, Mia, Korin Faught, Natalia Fabia, Gary Baseman, Luke Chueh, Sarah Folkman, Joe Ledbetter, Carlos Ramos and myself were among the names from the Bristol bill that made it out for delicious dinner and sweets. KICK MYSELF.

The artworks are being shipped (hopefully) as we speak - or as I write this, out their way, may they find themselves safe and sound in a hurry - just in time for their unveiling!

So much thanks to Jan and Bruce, and the the miraculous crew who rack themselves day and night to emphasize their support at such great lengths. Seriously. So Much THANKS.

And Cheers! from Travis.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I got some new stuff for you, just like that! WEBSITE GOODIES is where it's at. Go to my website and have a look around!

And if you've got keen eyes, you may have noticed the new sidebar addition there on the right - I've dedicated a new BLOG to my upcoming solo show. This is where you'll want to be to discover insight and enjoy deluxe exclusivity for my show in June.

Happy Digging To You!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Sweet Wonderland

The previews out! Now I can share with you (my people) "My Sweet Wonderland" - my playset contribution for the We Heart Wood show that opens THIS THURSDAY at MUNKY KING!!

I was invited to participate a while back (before Christmas) and I was so excited to get started! Noferin (artist duo) was kind enough to send out an entire box of their wood toys Jibibuts and we were encouraged to use any of the pieces in any grouping that inspired us.

For my set of four, I used 7 of the toys - breaking off pieces to mix and match what I felt best fit the vision. It was so much fun, I wanted to do more, but I had to think about my time restraints! (I do have much work yet to finish for my show in June!)
I hope if you're able, you'll come out to see the magic of all the great artists in the show!

"We heart wood.
Jibibuts custom show.

We are so excited!
The Jibibuts Customs show is just around the corner!

Zury Ponce and the team at Munky King Melrose have been hard at work creating a beautiful installation space for all these amazing artists:

Brandi Milne
Bubi Au Yeung
64 Colors
Doktor A
Kelly Vivanco
Tessar Lo
Camilla d'Errico
Julie West
Travis Lampe
Harley + Boss (Nathan J and Andrea)
Colin Johnson
Andy Heng
Jason Limon
Dan May
Jeremiah Ketner
Brian McCarty
Yoskay Yamamoto
Stella IM Hultberg

Music by: R Rated & Colby
Drinks by: Bear Flag
Sweets by: Just Sweets (little bits of cake on a stick! YUM!)

Show Opens April 8 at 7pm.

If you are in the area, please give this amazing line up of artists the credit they deserve. A web preview of the show is up, however, please note that this is a preview and not all of the pieces are shown. Best thing is to see the show for yourselves!

If you can't make it, we will post images of all the pieces and the opening night on our facebook. Become a fan!"

It so reminds me of being in elementary school - when we had a project we had to work on at home and the excitement of coming to school on the day it was due to see everybody else's. This is a wonderful group - I can't wait to see it all in person!

We were told to take some shots of the pieces at home ~ these are mines. I love the way they looked with my old books and tiny Christmas Tree (my February Christmas Tree).

This being my second Alice In Wonderland inspired project (the first were my Alice pieces in 2005) , I was over the moon with the turn out. I hope you all are as well, and I hope to see your pretty faces there!!

Sketch Theatre Trois

My third installation is up this very moment at SKETCH THEATRE!! Go take a look at how a girl like me busts out a fairy girl like this - you'll be amazed at how fast I draw.

In other news, DAILY DUJOUR has a preview of Art From The New World - the Bristol Museum show opening May 1st. There's a wee bit more information and artwork previews....eeeee!!

**Hope you all are well this fine spring day!! I'm swell - just roundin up the few final pieces for my show (June 26th). I figure these last ones will take me to the end of the 2 1/2 months I have, then last minute tidying on special opening night goodies...you're in for a surprise - for sure! :)

Friday, April 2, 2010


I want this to happen to me this weekend...

Here's to a happy weekind and a wonderful Easter Holiday to each of you!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

In 29 Days

Jan Corey Helford (curator and Corey Helford Gallery owner) says American art is "gushing forth" at the moment.

"The selected artists are part of an exciting new art movement that encompasses all forms of media and art," she said.

"This is an exciting opportunity to raise the profile of this movement to new audiences."

It's so exciting!