Saturday, December 29, 2012

Going Away For A While

I hope everyone had a lovely Holiday and here's hoping for a brilliant 2013. Myself, I will be hiding away for a while, collecting freshening breaths for my mind in any and every form I can gather. Although it seems I just finished my big show (in August), I have another on the horizon for Spring 2014 that I need to ready myself for now. I'm nothing but terribly eager for a change in life and therefore art and I'm going to grab it this very moment. I'd like to just strip myself down to my bare bones and build myself back beginning with a thankful and honest heart. I think that would be the best place to start and a great foundation for the person I would like to be. As always, the fruit my life bares dictates my painted work and I am so looking forward to reaching great heights in both arenas - even if it's quiet and the only witnesses are my own beloveds. So, my beloved visitors here, I hope your new year brings your own hearts thankfulness and happiness and I hope you reach great heights in your own arenas ~ whatever that may be. Here's a toast to finding an honest foundation and building up to the skies and heavens. HAPPIEST NEW YEAR!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas For Christmas

As we only have 5 days until Christmas, I thought a Christmas Greeting here would be appropriate. I do believe all my Christmas tasks are finished, now alls I gotta do is try and enjoy these last moments of 2012. This pink Christmas Tree in my bedroom is definitely helping...
Here's to a Merry Christmas and a loveliest New Year!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Geleaskins For Christmas

If you're still looking for that perfect gift for Christmas, head on over to Gelaskins and have a look around. They fit any format you need - laptop, games and phones - they even have hardcases for IPhones. You can choose from your favorite artists or make your own with any image your provide - that's why it's the perfect gift for anyone on your list (including yourself!)

Monday, December 3, 2012

New Paintings

I'm excited to finally share with you my two newest paintings that will be exhibiting at Miami Art Basel this week with the Corey Helford Gallery at Scope. This is "We Have Just This Moment" acrylic on wood measures 24"x36". Both these pieces are inspired by music. After having finished a large body of work in August for my last solo exhibition, I wanted to spend the moments creating these surrounded by music. Namely Pink Floyd. And more than just surrounded, encased. Letting the music fill my head completely and allow my imagination to roam freely. I ended up with a strong Wizard Of Oz feeling with "We Have Just This Moment" which took me back to memories of when I was little. Warm and safe and happy, and how it's gone in a flash. I have memories of being tucked in my bed at night in the winter and hearing the heater rattle on through the house. Feeling the satin trim of my blanket against my face and scrunching up into a ball to get warm. The thought that that might have been 30 years ago is just frightening to me.
And "I Can Sing To You Forever" acrylic on wood measures 20"x24". Again inspired by music, this one is about the isolation of love and the depths of letting yourself feel how you feel with no brakes or guards up or preconceived fears. "I Can Sing To You Forever" is a love note. Just a really embellished love note. :) ***Please contact the Corey Helford Gallery for pricing and availability!

Divulge Magazine and Christmastime

I had the pleasure of being the featured artist in Divulge Magazine back in October (I know, we're in December now...).
Now, I'm not the most relaxed person in front of a camera and I'm envious of those that are - but sometimes with the right person on the OTHER SIDE of that camera, I can find a little relaxation which was the case with Victoria Lara of Divulge Magazine. She put me right at ease and I found myself having a good time. Like for real.
Thank you Divulge Magazine and Victoria Lara for the pleasantest feature and making me feel at my own home.
And now I'm feeling like Christmas, my most favorite time of year! Altho the decorations have been up in my place since the week after Halloween, it's just now starting to feel real with the rainy wet weather and all the jolly lights on houses.