Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Tips Of These Fingies, The Entire World

Lots and Lots of inspiration photos of girls and clothes and animals and masks and candies and creeps to fuel my head for the duration of my desperate express. I need these guys and I'm thankful for the internet for the endless supply at my very mindless whim. I couldn't even imagine having to get dressed and go out to the local library and dig through countless boring, less than inspired books SEARCHING for anything that could whet my whistle.
Here and now and here and now I get anything and everything. What kind of world will this be in 50 years? What does that ripple look like in a short amount of time?
As I'm shut inside and never come out to breathe the not-so-fresh air, I can reach out and virtually touch anywhere in the world, any thing I can fathom. So very odd, don't you think?
Anyway, I'll shut up and paint, I hope you all are very very well and I hope to see some of your lovely faces very soon, in a crowd of real people with not-so-fresh breath. Don't mind a bit! :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Worlds Away

As well as painting like a fiend, I've also been working on my art book as I mentioned before. Looking back over my work is oddly enlightening, especially at this point in my new body of work. It shows me many things. Here's one piece that will always be a favorite, even as simple as it is. It was 2007 then, I was having my first ever solo show. The Corey Helford Gallery was in it's second year, and we were all so very young. It seems like worlds away...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Upset Revisited

Well now, here I am. I've found myself in the exact same place I was when I was working on my show for 2010. The Upset is a post I made in My Heart Shall Not Fear the blog two years ago almost to the date. I stumbled upon it today, and while reading it I could totally relate (ha, because I'm the one that wrote it), it kinda didn't even make me feel any better. It didn't make it any easier to turn off my computer and get down stairs to business. Which...I'm not surprised. I'm in the "upset" stage in two paintings right now, and the last thing I want to do is go look at em some more. I want to run away from them and start something else! But ~~ I know i need to just shut up, put on my headphones and get ta steppin on those fools...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Art Of Being Alone

In art, I am alone. Alone in my head while I'm thinking about what I want to paint. Alone when I search and search the land for inspiration. Alone while I sketch ideas however quick or lengthy. Alone when I finally make my palette and begin putting color onto the beautiful wood surface. Alone through the entire process of emotions that stir while I build and build on that same surface. Alone when I need to run away from the work, alone when I can't figure out what color should be here or there, alone when I can't STAND what I'm looking at anymore, alone when something finally clicks and I can see the horizon and for the first time it looks amazing, alone when I apply the final highlights and alone when I step back and allow myself to fall in love with what I just labored over for however many days and weeks and months. All alone here inside these walls, all alone here inside this head.

I wouldn't say I am a solitary creature - in fact, growing up the youngest of four kids I would say I NEED people around me. I love people around me. But in my work, I am so selfishly cut off from the world, cut out of the hustle and bustle and so completely satisfied beyond words being alone.

My next show is coming. August 12th. I have little time left to create the final pieces to be included in the show, and I know what waits for me in that time. I'll share with you perhaps a bit of the odd (to put it elegantly) headspace that I will be falling into. Here I go...