Friday, July 29, 2011

Less Me, More You

Because sometimes (most times) talking about myself makes me feel like a clown...

Happy Friday Loves!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Comic Con Through Instagram

Okay, this might be the third time I'm mentioning Instagram here in the last few posts, but seriously, I'm obsessed with it. (come find me, I'm Brandi Milne!)

I may even believe that life looks better thru Instagram Filters, so what?? Here's to another photo overload for the books...

(speaking of books, this is the new Art Of Sketch Theatre book out now by Baby Tattoo Books!)

(I've got a spread inside along with a whole bunch of amazing artists working today!)

Here's the real reason for this post tho - just wanted to share a few shots of Comic Con that came and went in a flash! I could only break away to visit on Saturday, and as soon as I got in I was WHISKED AWAY!

I did three signings, Sketch Theatre was first...

(silver and gold, best friends...)

My signing for Bunny Ride, Go! was next~ thanks to all the people that came by, and those of you who I didn't get to meet that took my figure home with them as well! (thankyouthankyou!!)


I finished off at the Color Ink Book Booth for some quick drawings and some how-do-you-dos! This year was a great time, seriously, thank you to all the people that care about what other people are doing in the world of art and toys and films and books and what not!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I hope to see you next year San Diego!!

Now back to work...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

San Diego Comic Con '11

San Diego Comic Con is upon us!! As those of you who are attending & making out your schedule of signings/purchases/or what have you, keep these three beauties in mind! I'll be around Saturday for signings, but you could visit them any day you like...

SKETCH THEATRE has put together a book of The Art Of Sketch Theatre, published by Baby Tattoo Books and will be releasing it at Comic Con! I'm so thrilled to be a part of the book, I'll be signing and sketching at Booth 4712 Saturday at 11am. It'll be great to start the day with them (Sketch Theatre and Baby Tattoo Books) because I love them both dearly...(go see one of my videos now!!!)


After that, I'll be signing for the release of my vinyl figure "Bunny Ride, Go!" at the 3D Retro & October Toys Booth 4838 at 1pm. I was invited to talk a little bit about the figure here at TOY BREAK with 3D Retro and October Toys. Go check it out - it's their Countdown To Comic Con episode with myself, Nathan Hamill, Ragnar, Jim Mahfood and Scott Tolleson!

(remember, you get a free tiny Strawberry print with purchase of Bunny Ride, Go!!)

3D RETRO booth 4838

I also did a few ink drawings and a cover for the Comic Con issue of COLOR INK BOOK! I'll be signing with them at Booth 5569 from 2-3pm. Below is a sneak peek of one of the images I did for the issue...(shshshsh)

COLOR INK BOOK booth 5569

Have FUN and hope to see you there!!