Saturday, January 26, 2013

Getting Ready To Frolich

(Feature in Bizarre Magazine UK) The process of creating a book that catalogs your work for the last decade is not an easy feat. (I'm not complaining one bit ~ I'm so over the moon that I have this opportunity it's ridiculous!)
(Feature in 944 Magazine, photo by Mark Sacro) When Bob Self (Baby Tattoo Books) asked me if I wanted to publish my first art book with him three years ago, I was STOKED and immediately made plans for it's release the following Comic Con (giving us a year and a half). But as time went by, the release date was pushed back and pushed back (as I'm sure is pretty normal when creating a book).
(Feature in X Funs Magazine) And at this point, three years later, I'm so glad it did get pushed back as much as it has. Just yesterday the designer asked me for my final push - the final sending of material to feature alongside all the paintings and illustrations I've selected. I had the idea to use some shots of my published features I've had over the years in books and magazines ~ which I'm super stoked on and the designer was as well. :)
(Feature in American Art Collector) So what I'm saying is that sometimes when you give yourself time - in art or work or life - the outcome can be 100 times better than you imagined. I can be very impatient to say the least and especially when it comes to working with someone elses work schedule as opposed to working on my own. But when I can give myself a little MORE time, there are perspectives I maybe wouldn't have normally seen.
(Feature in X Funs Magazine) (nerd alert)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Not Gone Long!

My last post said I was going away for a while, but I'm back!
Without sounding too much like a bleeding heart & artist, I've kinda been going through a bit of a change (and when I say "kinda" and "a bit" it really means "for real" and "HUGE"). The end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 was largely monumental (does that work?) in my personal life. Now I get to decide where I'm gonna go from here with such a huge change, and right now I'm feeling pretty good. I have decided to take the reins in my life and peel off layers of insecurity, self doubt and bad habits. I would like to make every effort to create a life for myself (and the people I love) that doesn't hold me (or us) back in any way - whether that's negative people in my life that I allow to effect me, my OWN negativity or the bad habits I've lived with for far too long). I want to breathe free. I want to be capable. I want to give myself a chance to achieve every goal and jump any hurdle. I need to grow and blossom and drop every fool that aims to gum up the works. I have a fire in my belly that makes me want to explode into space and soar to the Heavens and live like Finn from Finn and Jake (Adventure Time!) (Am I 12? Probably for life). But it's good. And in good time I will make good things happen.
So Happy 2013 for real.