Monday, November 22, 2010


....There's something very exciting brewing at GK1988.COM that has to do with artists and your bodies...

I can't show you pictures, BUT I can whisper in your ear that it's the coolest clothing line art collaboration and it becomes available Friday (mostly known at Black Friday) November 26th!!! I designed a tee shirt along with a few other artist friends, but it's SO secret that I haven't even seen them yet!! So this Friday when every Tom Dick and Mary are out shopping the shops like maniacs, YOU JUST SIT BACK, have some cocoa and log onto and fill your shopping cart with the coolest unique gifts around!! As soon as they're launched they'll be snapped up for sure - only 50 pieces of each article will be available...YIPES!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Shopping!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

You Tube, I Tube, We All Tube

Have a little GO SEE on my You Tube Channel for some insight on process AND some nerd alert silliness.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Books Books Books (oh no oh no!)

Dave Cooper's Bent

In effort to escape my own cloudy world of work and Brandi Milne, nothing beats booksbooksbooks. Opening a book and peeking inside is an instant escape, for which I can't tell you how grateful I am at times...

Camille Rose Garcia's The Saddest Place On Earth

My mom was crazy crazy about books - she covered the walls with bookshelves and stocked the floors with boxes and boxes of books she never even dreamed to have time for! And now as I get older, and miss her more and more, I find myself with a fevered NEED for books galore!!

Femke Hiemstra's Rock Candy

Art Books and Children's Books...gimme gimme gimme.

J. Otto Seibold's Alice In Wonderland

The Complete Peanuts 1950_1952 Charles Schulz

(I used to do reading logs to Peanuts books in elementary school, I remember writing Charles M. Schulz over and over again ~ do comics even count? They did for me...)

Color Ink Book (cover by Femke Hiemstra)

Shag's Autumn's Come Undone

The Christmas Whale by Roger Duvoisin

Camille Rose Garcia's Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carrol

Mark Ryden's Fushigi Circus

HI Fructose's Collected Edition Vol. II

Edgy Cute Art Book

I also have a love for these vintage books turned blank journal/sketchbooks that I found about a year ago at a handmade tradeshow in LA. The company is called Ex Libris Anonymous and they make the most wonderful, warm little sketchbooks to take with you wherever you go!!

Each one of these books is handmade and unique. Inside you'll find pages of the book along with your blank drawing or writing pages, which I LOVE. They have such a warm nostalgic feel to em, and that's what I'm all about!!

They make great gifts as well, seeing as we're comin up on Christmas here. They have cookbooks, children's books, old school books, novels, mysteries ~ what have you!! (All hard back too, of course) Happy browsing ~ and Christmas shopping everyone!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I HEART U SANRIO!!! picture overload


Sanrio kicked off their 50th anniversary celebration last night with the private opening in Santa Monica...what a night!! Here I've posted ALL my photos, in hopes that it will excite you and make you get out there for one of their MANY themed nights through's a must see...

The celebration includes a Sanrio Themed Art Show with 50/maybe 60 artists (mentioned HERE) which I was so pretty pleased to be a part of. All the artwork was amazing, please go see for yourself!

nerd alert

There were games, photo opps, an exclusive store, Hello Kitty mini cars, Japan LA pop up store, and even a ferris wheel and miniature golf course!!! It's NUTS!!!

Thank you to Sanrio, and thank you to Jamie (here) from JAPAN LA for getting myself and so many others involved in the art aspect of this crazy crazy celebration!! xoxoxoxoxo!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shout Out & Old Stuff

I ran across these tiny pieces I did a few years ago and thought I'd post a few. They were for the giveaway bags for Baby Tattooville my first year. (Look HERE & HERE for 'What Is Baby Tattooville?')

I did about 80 pieces I think. They're acrylic and pencil on vintage {super rad} matchbooks, mostly from ebay. They were really fun to do, I wish I had time now to do some for myself...maybe some time...

...ahhh, good times...

Speaking of Baby Tattooville, two of the featured artists from last years event have some exciting shindigs goin on this weekend in LA....

Kickin off the weekend in style is Greg Simkins with his new show Story Tellers at Gallery 1988. While you're there amongst his brilliance, you can also get your hands on a copy of his new book Drawing From The Well which from the looks of it is going to be am~A~ziiiiiing...(Lookit Greg's serious face HERE)

Click To Enlarge

And Johnny KMNDZ Rodriquez's got the featured spot for the Thinkspace 5th Year Anniversary show on Saturday - Johnny busted out a special installation piece that'll SHOOT THE MOON (and have you dumb-struck in it's presence) - it measures ... something huge and if you look real close, you'll find a hidden message that Johnny incorporated straight from the mind of yours truly ~ and my better half!

Hope all is well out there!! Maybe see some of you this weekend?!