Monday, September 30, 2013

All Hallow's Eve Prints

And it's October, just like that. In celebrating my very favorite time of year, I made time to play around with some Halloween imagery, and now it can be yours! Tomorrow, October 1st I will have two exclusive fine-art Giclee prints available in my shop!! "The Pumpkin Witch" Print (on archival white Cotton Rag paper) measures 8"x6", signed and numbered edition of 30 will be available for $55 (shipped).
"Let Go The Ghost" Print (on archival white Cotton Rag paper) measures 14"x10", signed and numbered edition of 30 will be available for $80 (shipped). When I was growing up, Halloween and Christmas were a big deal in our house. My mom would decorate the kitchen for Halloween in September, and usually that was accompanied with Christmas music from the 8Track stereo. I cant explain the crazy excitement and jubilation that was pulsing through the house at those moments as a kid. The imagery of those old cardboard velvety Halloween decorations were monumental in my skull - and still to this day. I hope I can touch on many of your nostalgic memories with these two prints, in even the smallest way. Happy October!! xoxoxoxoxox!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Come Frohlich With Me

My first art book "Frohlich" will be available come October ~ you will be able to grab a copy on my website!! I'm so excited, I got my very first copy today from my Publisher today (Baby Tattoo Books) and I am super stoked and pleased as punch with the outcome!! I've written a bit about the process here, Frohlich has been very long awaited...
However, if you are in or around Portland, there will be a very exclusive launch at the Rose City Comic Con Sept. 21-22 so come find me at the Baby Tattoo Booth and nab a copy!!!
Also grab a copy of the Rose City CC booklet, I painted the cover!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Now that Instagram has video option, I can share some process of my lonely working days with moving picture! {Although it looks much better on your tiny phone on IG than here on this blogger layout?}  I guess I could've done that anyway, but I like a good filter and editing helps too.  I was on Vine {and I guess I still am} but those videos don't save to your camera roll which is why I've embraced IG video in favor of Vine. {I am @brandimilne on both}  Anyway, my days are passing with much paint and pencil and my mind hangs on a balance of totally freaking out that I don't have enough time to really focus on each painting and complete hearts in my eyes for what is coming out.  And now that Halloween is popping up in stores I'm over the moon for the inspiration to come!

Following is a collage of pictures of the rare nights I had the chance of escaping to the city to feast my eyes on what some other artists are offering at the moment.  Fools like Jessica Louise, Natalia Fabia, Lola, Hannah Aitchison, Jan Corey Helford, Rhy Ming Poon, Angelique Groh, and Greg Escalante can be seen in the shots and provided wonderful company.  Also just shots of work. Until next time...