Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Let Your Heart Be Merry

My work comes from what's inside my heart. The inside of my heart isn't always happy - in fact, I have some very very sad corners in there most of the time. I love painting & drawing & creating because it gives me a voice to communicate those feelings - whatever they may be.
This is a very merry piece I had the pleasure to paint titled "Sweet Thing" (acrylic on wood). I kept my heart happy by keeping lot's of disco in my ears :) And it's hard to be sad while painting bunnies, candies and teeth!
And another merry fellow in "Holiday Takes A Holiday" (acrylic on wood). Happy as can be painting this little guy.
Letting my heart be merry is the direction I'm heading in for now. I'd like to explore that place and allow my work to be fully effected by it. I have a big show in less than 2 years that I haven't even begun conceptualizing yet, but I know I'm heading this way :)

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