Thursday, March 26, 2015

This is my newest piece for a private collection titled "Hello Moon!" - graphite and colored pencil on paper. The collector commissioned the piece for her 2 year old daughter's birthday, and sketching ideas for the drawing got me remembering having been little myself and spending hours studying my favorite illustrations in the many thrifted (children's) books I had growing up. To think of having some influence on that child's imagination and how she identifies with the world around her is such a huge gift to be afforded, and I wanted to shoot for the stars - or literally the moon in this case. In the piece the lamb is looking up at the moon daydreaming of a life that's larger than life as she knows it. She is having tea with her friends, hugging and reading books because what better way to spend your day :)
These boots are amazing and I had to put them in :)
And a new drawing titled "Dance Me To The End" - graphite on paper. I did this drawing for myself - a luxury I FORCED myself to carve out time to do. It was inspired by one of my latest (and favorite) paintings I created at the end of last year titled "Your Song" (I wrote about it HERE) which was inspired by Elton John's music. The drawing is about the music of your life - the inspirations and loves from which you pull and ultimately what comes out of you as a result of what goes in. And I love a great grey day, there's something so reflective in the quiet of the cold. Grey days were some of the best days growing up and now they're so few and far between in Southern California :(
({Your Song as it was at the LA Art Fair with Corey Helford Gallery, photo by John Purlia})

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Miss Honey Bear said...

What beautiful images. How lovely gift for a child. I know what you mean about grey days. I live in London and we get plenty of those but I don't mind. I like to hunker down with a good book, my craft supplies or my sketch pad. Though, I'd trade those delicious California avocados for the horrible ones we get over her.