Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Show is Coming!!

Okay, it's getting close! My solo show @ Thinkspace Gallery in Silverlake is gonna blow minds pretty soon. April 10th is opening night, it's gonna be super fun, lottsa goodies to stare at, lottsa special giveaways with an exciting Easter Egg hunt where you can win prises!! If you find an egg, you can win a copy of my book So Good For Little Bunnies, a fun little hand made sketch from me, gelaskins, or the grand prize is this framed drawing (see above image) embelished with acrylic highlights!! Andrew & Shawn Hosner & myself went above and beyond on this one! Don't you miss it!! Hope to see you there!!

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23cero3 said...

wow!! congrats... a SOLOOOOOO....how does it feel?? hugs :D