Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Burden of Cake

My piece for the Hi Fructose group show is titled "The Burden of Cake". It's four (pretty beatup looking) playing cards mounted on black illustration board framed and matted for your pleasure. The idea behind this piece is closely related to my own feelings on cake and similar delights - I love em, shouldn't eat em. The sad crying bunny in the top left corner is saddened because he would love nothing more than to devour that carrot cake/cupcake seen in the bottom right corner. The Japanese writing on the bunny card reads "Cheap Cake" and the music notes on the cake card read...well, any simple tune that floats into your head! Anyway, hope to see some of you at the show, and thanks for all the support!!! xxxxxO!!


crom said...

pretty cool stuff u _ u

Thea Schultheiss said...

Just wanted to say what a super-duper blog you have, I always get excited when I see you've made a new post!

There are no words that spring to mind to describe your work except, inspirational - due to this you're on my blog list of "inspirational stuff", go you!

JML said...

You're very talented!I've loved this style of art for as long as I think I can remember seeing anything like it! Way to be!

Marion said...

Oh Brandi each time I see your work
I am in awe of just how much talent
you have and your still growing.