Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Der Wooden Headed

I wasn't able to get out to the We Heart Wood show opening at Munky King Melrose last week due to a photo deadline crisis I was having at the homefront...bummed because I so wanted to see all the other pieces - and catch some of their creators to boot! BUT, I'll make it up sometime over the next few weeks to see the works for sure...

I can't believe the installation, what an insane idea - it looks great!! We can only expect genius when it comes to Noferin and Munky King...so glad to be part of this ensemble. Here My Sweet Wonderland is displayed in their two pairs, Cheshire & Mushroom and Alice & Sweets.

For more information and a look at all the Jibibuts, GO HERE and have a look-see. Happy browsing!

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Anonymous said...

Ich liebe ihr Spielzug und ihre sieht!