Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh Dahling, Let Me Tell You...

Dinner with some incredible people the other night, INCREDIBLE. Jan and Bruce Helford (Of the Corey Helford Gallery) hosted the event in Santa Monica to celebrate the Bristol Museum show (here on our soil) before the opening in Bristol May 1st.

In a group of this magnitude, I find myself shy again - too shy to get up and take a picture of the entire group ~ which I KICK myself for later (now). Shag, Coop, Travis Louie, Sylvia Ji, Lola, Mia, Korin Faught, Natalia Fabia, Gary Baseman, Luke Chueh, Sarah Folkman, Joe Ledbetter, Carlos Ramos and myself were among the names from the Bristol bill that made it out for delicious dinner and sweets. KICK MYSELF.

The artworks are being shipped (hopefully) as we speak - or as I write this, out their way, may they find themselves safe and sound in a hurry - just in time for their unveiling!

So much thanks to Jan and Bruce, and the the miraculous crew who rack themselves day and night to emphasize their support at such great lengths. Seriously. So Much THANKS.

And Cheers! from Travis.

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