Thursday, August 23, 2012

Did You See Me?

Still reeling from my opening night but getting back to work (after only two weeks not painting) feels excellent! This painting that is part of my Before I Hide Away series is titled Did You See Me? and one of the more lighthearted paintings from the group ~ although as I was showing a friend this painting as it sat in my studio, he mentioned that this looks like one of the more somber pieces. :)
This painting is about complete freedom in who you are and not being fearful of who sees your truths. I'm constantly chasing freedom as an artist in my work and in recent years, my personal life. Freedom from fear. In all angles of life.
Before I Hide Away is up for another couple weeks ~ til Sept. 5th, go see!! Corey Helford Gallery/ 8522 West Washington Boulevard Culver City, CA 90232

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Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Beautiful! Your work just keeps getting better and better. And I also love the message behind this piece.