Wednesday, August 1, 2012

She Wears The Trees In Her Hair And The Clouds In Her Eyes

Here's another painting from my show that I can safely share a week and a half before the opening - it's the flyer piece titled She Wears The Trees In Her Hair And The Clouds In Her Eyes, and a very important painting in the series because it "turned a corner" for me. It was maybe painting number four that I was working on, and it popped out from the others. To me, it has a lot more of a contemporary feel to it which is something in my work I'm not comfortable with ** - and in some way it seems to feel right at home with the others and settle in peacefully.
This painting deals with personal change, as I was losing my best friend at the time (she was moving away to be with her beau). I was having a real hard time of it, and the things that were to be changing around me. The figure in the middle (with the trees in her hair) represents my friend who's head was in the clouds, and the figure on her arm represents me trying to hold on. I tend to be very sensitive and respond to events and change emotionally. Hence why I'm a painter I guess.
**I prefer to have a very vintage, nostalgic feel and look to my work rather than contemporary. In no way am I saying this negatively, just a matter of personal taste! :)


Gerushia's New World said...


Wow, you really got the feeling across of "holding on". I can almost feel the times in my life when change was happening and all I wanted to do was hang on to the way things already were. This painting made me remember wanting to "hold on". Thank you for sharing this beautiful creation.

Gerushia's New World

heather noye said...

Thanks for sharing the w-i-p paintings! It's so cool to see the steps involved in one of your amazing paintings.