Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lookit That Girlie In The Window.

If someone told me my picture would've been advertising HURLEY in a huge window graphic someday, I would've laughed in their FACE. But, it's happening as we speak, on Main Street in Huntington Beach (right by the pier), in the window of Jack's Surfboards. Hurley has been a HUGE supporter of the arts, rockin my artwork online (along with the likes of Todd Schorr, Jason Maloney, Bob Dob, Chet Zar, Lola and many, many more fine talents) - as well as rockin MY FACE by the beach!!!! Super Talented Artist and one of my cooooolest good friends, JASON MALONEY has been giving Hurley the time of their lives as their latest and greatest (I might be a little biased) resident artist. With his mind behind the magic, look for many exciting features with artists such as Ron English and Big Foot, Greg Craola Simkins, and more! So happy to be a part of all the ruckus!

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