Friday, July 9, 2010

July 10th, You're Insane

As I mentioned before, if you find yourself in the New York part of town this weekend - make your way out the the Vered Gallery - East Hamptons. There you will certainly find a mass of fine art works by the likes of Colin Christian, AJ Fosik, David Stoupakis and yours truly.

Also in New York this Saturday night - the talents of Sylvia Ji and Travis Louie at Joshua Liner!! (I KNOW! So much to see!!) Don't miss out on the East Coast this weekend!!

More news for this weekend - on the West Coast - this gorgeous young crazy will be celebrating her new works as well! Miss Natalia Fabia's (one of LA's top 10 favorite people of 2010!) Fashionable Aftertaste Without End will be at the Corey Helford Gallery Saturday night from 7-11pm.

If you can stand it - I've got two more shows for your weekend! The Monster Within opens this Saturday from 6:30-9pm at Giant Robot in LA. Buff Monster rounded up a grip of fine artists to reinterpret his toys, such artists as Miss Mindy, Johnny Rodriquez, Greg Craola Simkins, Travis Lampe, Joe Ledbetter...and the list goes on!!!

TONIGHT however, get your butts out to see Gallery 1988 LA's opening of it's fourth installment of Crazy For Cult - this show always promises a HUGE turnout and it can't be missed!!

Sweet Moses, can you believe July?!
Hope to see some of you around!!


Elecat said...

Looks amazing and I'd love to be there but I'm a 'little' out of the way.... (Melbourne, Au)

Heidi Alamanda said...

I agree with much to see!
Unfortunately, I can only make it to Travis and Sylvia opening. I would love to see your work up close.