Saturday, December 29, 2012

Going Away For A While

I hope everyone had a lovely Holiday and here's hoping for a brilliant 2013. Myself, I will be hiding away for a while, collecting freshening breaths for my mind in any and every form I can gather. Although it seems I just finished my big show (in August), I have another on the horizon for Spring 2014 that I need to ready myself for now. I'm nothing but terribly eager for a change in life and therefore art and I'm going to grab it this very moment. I'd like to just strip myself down to my bare bones and build myself back beginning with a thankful and honest heart. I think that would be the best place to start and a great foundation for the person I would like to be. As always, the fruit my life bares dictates my painted work and I am so looking forward to reaching great heights in both arenas - even if it's quiet and the only witnesses are my own beloveds. So, my beloved visitors here, I hope your new year brings your own hearts thankfulness and happiness and I hope you reach great heights in your own arenas ~ whatever that may be. Here's a toast to finding an honest foundation and building up to the skies and heavens. HAPPIEST NEW YEAR!

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