Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life Is Sweet

Hello again!! Just winding down from a crazy exciting weekend - my show My Heart Shall Not Fear opened this past Saturday at the Corey Helford Gallery. And that means I can FINALLY show you my new works here on my blog!!!

I've been keeping secrets from you guys for far too long now - lemme explode in your face!! But first, here are a few shots from the gallery that I took with my camera, that I am able to share with you at this time. The gallery photographer took better shots, and I will share some with you as well - at a later date....

After I shed my blood and tears over the works (for a year), get everything ready and drop it off in the hands of the gallery - they put their spin and sprinkle on top - which is very exciting for the artist!! Here you can see the shadow of the etched glass cat character (from one of my paintings) in the front windows of the gallery on the floor inside. Up on the walls above (lofty ceilings) the gallery hung a beautiful starry night sky to add to the work's atmosphere - as if we were outside, Spooky Halloween night!

The work was celebrated in wonderful company - really - THANK YOU to those of you who could make it out for the opening!! Here Mister Daniel Peacock and Miss Lovely Lola join me for some Shirley Temples and candied grins.

And this talented young lady opens her new show at the gallery in only a few short weeks!! Natalia Fabia will be following up my show with her take on Japanese Cute next month - if you get a chance, get to the gallery asap!!

Here you can see the window decals, the art behind it and the night sky. This was after closing, where I got a chance to take it all in with Jan (Jan Helford, gallery owner). The events tend to FLY by, a moment to breathe it in is rare.

If I'm going to share the works here, I want to do it right. I'll go thru the work individually, sharing a bit about why/how and why and how with each piece. If you can't wait that long, go see my gallery page with all the new work on MY WEBSITE.

Here is my piece titled Nonne Hegen. She was my very first installment of My Heart Shall Not Fear (way back in October). (My Other Blog can give you an idea where I started with the show, as far as what the show is about, what stemmed the ideas for each piece.)

And "Quiet Song" was the second painting I completed. These two were a great start in the right direction for the show. They're small 8"x10" framed, but they had the very feel to the show wrapped in their every stroke. The girls in the pieces are decorated just so - a nun, and a nurse are both symbols of comfort. The heads of the diseased birds symbolize ultimate freedom - ultimate life. This parallels my feelings of life after having lost my mom.

"Sleep Escapes Me" was really the kick off, the third painting I did, and the basis of the show. Here the girl stands (in a nurse costume) as an onlooker to this "train of death". The Black cats are symbols of a nagging doom - almost taunting and laughing at the viewer. The train is headed by a big skull, disguised as a friendly gentleman - he's the main character in the piece. This speaks of death in life - moving like a train. It's unstoppable.

There will be more posts, I assure you. You can check out a behind the scenes look of the making here at Hi Fructose.


Thea Schultheiss said...

Weeee way to go Brandi!!

I finally got around to looking at the show on the Corey Helford site - words escape me! It's such an amazing new body of work, you should be extremely proud of yourself. I hope you are getting some sleep now!

I noticed that Corey Helford have got "Sleep Escapes Me" and "Bonnet Top Poison" prints for sale. Do you know if these will be the only two prints from the show? I need to know so I can make up my mind, as right now, I dunno which I'm going to pick! Help!

Thea x

Michele Lynch Art said...

Fabulous work as always! LOVE every one of them! You're so very talented! Michele