Monday, May 25, 2009

Eva Monleon

Eva Monleon (Misakomimoko!) makes these exquisite dolls that I have fallen deeply in love with!!! SEE HERE what I'm talking about!! Her world is extraordinary, and I am enchanted beyond belief...I'm in a love daze. She should be celebrated.

**And in other news, two spots just opened up to win Pair Of Twos prizes!! Two winners haven't contacted me, so I will be choosing two lucky default winners today and will post those names Toot Sweet!!**


pe said...

JOEHOE!!!! Yes!!! A new chance.
What makes me happy?
finding sea glass
new soft warm socks

Kelley said...

oh, I am so bummed I missed out...I just stumbled across your blog after you left a comment on a moly exchange I'm in...your stuff is great, I'm hooked. :)

so good for bunnies said...

what makes me happy....

a second chance to win :)

the cross stitched tea pot head on Eva Monleon's blog that your blog has lead me to :)

misako mimoko said...

Thank you for this lovely post!
I appreciate it :)
have a nice day!

Hanako66 said...

they are amazing!

jasmine said...

these are so cute!

i grew up in huntington beach! my family still lives there. i live in long beach now. so good to see a fellow huntington beachian (eh?) on blogger! :)