Sunday, May 3, 2009

La Noche De La Fusion by Gary Baseman

Masks and paddles ~ Thank you Jan!!

Beautiful Lady friend of mine, Sybil Martinez as a Hickey Bat Girl (Buff Monster taking a feel)

Sybil and Me with Gary's Hotchachacha!

Icecream cart of delicious dairy!

Myself and Shawn Hosner with...a ChouChou?

The Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City was the place to be Saturday night where Gary Baseman and the Corey Helford Gallery put on the event of a life-time!!! La Noche De La Fusion!!!! Gary's insane inspirations came to life outside the gallery with festivities you could only imagine - lights, drums, feathers, toys, masks, games, Bubble Girls, Hickey Bat Girls, hench girls, fire bowls, video projection (Toby's travels) booze and balloons! I'm still dizzy from all the excitement and extravaganza, it was truly inspiring! Here are some shots of the night with my camera that was losing it's power, I was so mad! By the time I went inside the gallery to see the paintings and work, the battery spit in my face. VIEW THE WORK HERE at the gallery. The crowd was dazzled to say the least, lovely ladies swirling their hips and Baseman paddles and masks made my head spin. I was so pleased to have taken part in the celebration, and so encouraged by the insanity. Many thanks to the Gallery for their hard work and to Gary for being Gary.

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