Monday, August 3, 2009

"I Can't Believe You Had To Raise The Roof"

My friend Kathy. She's one in a million girls. I told her I was gonna put these up on my blog, and she said no. BUT, I figure if I say something nice about her, she can't tell me she hates it. I love Kathy, everyone loves Kathy. She's just one of those people that HAS IT. People are drawn to her, with great reason. She's fabulous, in every sense of the word.

Laughing and hugs all around.

Adriana and Suzie, obsessed with the unfinished ice creams I need to get to. Two more fabulous friends, we're always super excited to get together - an wherever Adriana goes, the party follows.

Cheers to a ridiculous night, and here's to VEGAS in August Kathy!!! (You better go)

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Carl V. said...

How can anyone read this post and not walk away smiling! It is refreshing to see that kind of unadulterated joy!!!