Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sketchy, Sketchy

Here's to the end of another sketchbook! It takes me about a year to fill a sketchbook (11x14), and I'm almost done with number 14. When I was younger, I never could fill one completely, I would always move onto a different one. I felt like I had to draw complete illustrations or else I would ruin the book. Not anymore, boy!

I cover the black faux leather with fabric that inspires me. I started doing this years ago - the first fabric I used was a skirt I had bought from Clothestime (all you old girls remember) that was right next door to the Target I worked at. I think I was about 20 years old.

A sketch for the piece that turned out to be "My Pain" - one of my most favorite pieces from my Run Rabbit, Run show.

This is the inside covers, plenty of Farrah, some Dexter, Dave Cooper, Daniel Peacock, Camille Rose Garcia, Scott Saw and me.

A Freaky Weirdo

A little Flap Jack Sketch from my favorite boy in the world.

A Halloween Girl sketch.

Some Bearded Cherries!

A sketch for Alice In Wonderland inspired something or other.

And the Rabbit.

A Flower!

A Circus inspired sketchy girl with the Alphabet floating out of her hair.

And another Circus girl sketch for the books! With a stalker like girl in a clown mask. I am in limbo right now with my work, getting geared up to start on my next solo show for 2010. So sketching helps work it all out, the more I sketch, the clearer my thoughts are in begining work for a large series. Hmmmm....

What's in your sketchbooks?


Michele Lynch Art said...

I always love to see your sketches!! You're work is so amazing! I love it!!

Artfulife said...

Thanks for sharing your sketchbooks. It's always nice to see process work, where people get their inspiration from, then how they use it in their sketchbooks. My sketchbooks are full of ideas due to the fact that I am unable to work on things as fast as I would like to. My 3 girls keep me pretty busy. Just knowing that all my ideas are in one place is comforting. I can always come back to them later on.

So Good for Bunnies said...

Omg, I am in love with everything you sketched :) Especially the Halloween girl, and the White Rabbit, (and the bearded cherrys <3). I want to see more! My sketchbooks are full of fashion magazine tears, and girls parading around in my clothing designs ;)

Orchid Grey said...

I love seeing these! my sketchbooks are full of lists. as a photographer, I have lists of shoot locations, models I want to contact, to do lists etc. I'm terrible at drawing, but great at making lists!

Anonymous said...

the bearded cherries really made me giggle. I think they're in love. and I love flapjack too! I love the doctor the most. I wish my job was cartoon voices. oh and I too had a clothestime right next to target. and I worked had target. haha weird!

<3 your blog sooo much still

Peanutbutter_Eric said...

Wow! I wish my sketchbook looked like this! Really amazing!:) Think I will put some pics of mine up soon...see what ya think?

Angela said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the inner workings of your sketchbooks. I love the white rabbit!
I work in several sketchbooks of various sizes. Each one seems to inspire something different. My sketches are mostly illustration ideas, but sometimes I write out the occasional wild dream with drawings.

Carl V. said...

I loves me some Flapjack!!!

Peanutbutter_Eric said...

Your sketchbook has inspired me! and I superlove the bearded cherries...a possible future tattoo!!!