Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Anchors Away!!

This is a cheap toy I found at the dollar store! I got it for my sister whos afraid of alligators, yet collects them. She'll find it part of her birthday gift next month.

Then on the weekend, my husband went into the public restroom to use the facilities, and this is what the facilities read. He sent it to me on my phone, as I was outside waiting for him...I almost peed my pants!! At first I thought, what is he sending me from the bathroom??!! Then I read it. Good job someone out there.

I went on to having a pretty great day after that, I made a trip out to Art Supply Warehouse and found this paper! I'm going to frame it poster size, because I just love the vintage, fun images with each letter.

I also got this in the mail that I had forgotten I had ordered!! It's Julie Morstad's alphabet card set. The images she created are so odd and strange and fun. They almost have an Edward Gorey feel to them, I will be framing 4 of my favorites as well!

And this was a commissioned piece I had done for a collector, that turned out to be a really great experience. He wanted to keep it a surprise for his girl friend, and went about a month keeping that secret from her. He invited my husband and myself to dinner to surprise her even further, and it was a wonderful time. She's super sweet and pretty and loved the piece. (I can post it now as the cat's outta the bag!!) The piece itself was inspired by the stories and history this collector had supplied me with before I began the project. Both the characters here have come from a dark place to meet in the middle where they have found love and lotsa happiness together. I really enjoyed the process and meeting some new great people! Success! (Also, I got to wrap it in beautiful paper of my chosing, the softest yarn and a gold jingle bell to boot! I included a certificate of authenticity which was super fun to make too - Wrapping is 80% of the fun for me!)


so good for bunnies said...

Love the new painting! :) Oh and thanks for the comment, I responded on my blog. <3

Mandy said...

really great blog, i used to have alphabet cards.

i cant sew said...

i like what i see... i will be back.
smooches rosey

Audrey Pongracz said...

ooh beautiful piece!!
I love when commissions go well like that!
I once did a commission for someone who loves Colonel Sanders, and he looks like him too. So I painted him dressed like Sanders, holding a bucket of chicken, sitting on a big wooden pull-toy chicken. It was the funnest!

brandi milne said...

Smooches back Rosey!! :) Alphabet cards are great, for some reason. Maybe because they remind me of when I was little? That Colonel Sanders piece sounds super! Thanks for the comments you guys!