Monday, June 15, 2009

My Weekend In Photos?

Donuts anyone?? We got some donuts this weekend, unfortunately. I always feel most guilty eating a donut - I can't explain it - I can wolf candies and cupcakes like nobody's business, but the second I throw down one a these, the regret and shame kick in...does anybody else feel that way? ??? Please do tell!

Went to the park, saw some ducks and geese, loved it. I don't like showing work that isn't finished, sneak peeks are easier for me to show progress. This is an excersize piece I'm working on.

Candy in jars or little taverns make me feel like I'm in Little House On The Prairie - you know, like when you get the tongs out and grab one piece? mmmm... This is in Ralphs, the candy section.

I went through some of my mom's jewelry, and took home a lot of it. She had a lifetime of jewels, mostly costume (which is my fav). I've decided to wear at least one piece of hers everytime I go out - I think she would be pleased as punch knowing that. This stuff means a lot to me.

Hoo HOo!! And I made a ridiculously necessary purchase of these shoes, that I will probably have for the rest of my life. Steve Madden, no link.


Cierra Montes said...

I love you taste in art/style! I am now a follower and a fan! Showin some love in Texas- Cierra

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the donuts! I think adults gave us a complex when we were little that somehow donuts were super amazingly extremely more fattening than any other sweet. I was even told once that it takes 2 years to digest a donut! (along with the stories that it takes 7 yrs to digest a piece of gum, and spiders crawl into your mouth when you sleep)

also, those wedges are giving me shoe envy!!!

brandi milne said...

Arg!! I hat the one about spiders crawling into your mouth, it's a LIE!! jerks. Adults stink.

Ash said...

I love that jewelry! Thanks for your sweet comment... I'd move to Disneyland, too, but I think it would take away the magic.

Also, your artwork is FANTASTIC! Thanks for stopping by my blog... your comment made my day!

Jennifer Lewis said...

What great donut colors, my shop only has white and brown colored pink and red ):