Monday, June 8, 2009

Books Are Wonderful Inspiration

A special little kid and I found this series of old books called "...Mrs. Goose" at a used bookstore near our home last summer. They're children's books, that used to belong to a school library (also near our home), the catalog of kid's checking it out goes all the way back to when I was born '76!

Wash your hands people!

An illustration from Aunt Louisa's Book of Fairy Tales: Little Red Ridinghood


Two very old books I use for inspiration - always.

Inside A Hole Is To Dig illustrated by Maurice Sendak (Where The Wild Things Are)

Bobo The Pig Is Good And Bad is full of wonderment for me.

My grip of Pinocchios!

And some more favorites to eat up!

Books!! Books!! Books!! What would we do without books???


Catherine J. Cruz said...

aw man! these are wonderful! one of the best learning i received while taking up illustration was all about children's book! so inspiring, and of course...the illustrations are awesome! sometimes, i spend more time in the children's book section of the bookstore than in the art section!

brandi milne said...

Definately more time in the children's books than in any other section!! yay for children's books!! Thank you for writing ms. Cruz!!!

Quenchant of the Curious said...

i just went to the library this afternoon, and bought myself a lovely stack of used books, so i thoroughly enjoyed this post.{and nice blog by the way}

Lauren From Texas said...

Love your blog!! and your art - you are so creative! Thanks for stopping by my blog - hope to see you around again soon. :)

Pretty Little Pictures said...

These are lovely!!

brandi milne said...

Super great to meet you all! Thanks for the comments, I REALLY appreciate your voices!!

*Valentine* said...

I adoooore books, especially children books :)
I'm still 6 you know!

Your blog is really nice!


Anonymous said...

these books are great! i love old picture books :-)

HoneyBunny said...

Aww these are beautiful! LOve the illustrations and fairy tales:)) <3

Lisa Evans said...

I love the Pinocchio illustration with the donkeys pulling the cart! Children's books are awesome, I love hunting for new and old ones.
I sent your books to two of my friends and they both loved them : )
Your a very talented young lady.
I hope all is well, Lx

Carl V. said...

I just love old books. Slowly but surely I am amassing a collection of them. These are wonderful. I especially love the Please Wash Hands stickers. There is just something about old books, particularly library books, that makes you sit and think about the life they have lead, the places they've been, the people whose lives have been touched by them.