Tuesday, June 2, 2009

...Um...Stop me....


my O.

Notions/Ribbons for Humptys and what not!

Vintage find ~ candy dish, but I might use it for costume jewels...

Dutch Folk Albums ~ future covers of my very own "Ugly Folk Tales" with scrabble letters for titles.

New costume with old shell dish ~ butterfly & big red/orange/brown/white from Arden B ~ blue with tiny bird from Forever 21 ~weeeee!

My newest selfish grabs ~ dress Arden B, purple top Forever 21, scarf New York & Company, striped top Macy's. The rest, old news.

Babs and Elton Albums for my collection!

Okay, this inside my home. I've been out in the world more lately, buying and looking and buying and looking. And buying. These things make me very happy ~ color, texture, association. This year, I've really pulled back from doing 8 million shows (group shows or solos). Last year I was nuts, I was in 18 shows - including two solo shows! There's only 12 months in a year, and I was in 18 shows. Ridiculous amount of work, but that's how I do. I'm feverish and like to keep busy busy busy or I'll feel awkward and unsettled. So. Now. I have ALLLLLLLLL KIIINDSS of project ideas going haywire in my head. Because of the little bit of extra time I have (which by the way, doesn't feel like any EXTRA time at all!), I'm out looking. Looking for things...inspiration, my next LEAP! *fabrics, plush, notions, thrift stores, junk stores, freakin EVERYTHING!! I'm working on a series of folk tales (7) that will be a departure from my normal look or feel (and I'm souuuuuper excited about it!!), I'm working on a grip of Humpty Dumptys for my store (4 have found homes already!!), and working on painting my poor little heart out to the very best best BEST of my ability. I'm as busy as ever, just shifted a little bit, and want to know if that's okay, i guess. Is it okay? To find things out there, bring em back here, like a squirrel? You know what I mean, I feel like I'm supposed to be locked up in my dungeon, painting like a mad hatter. And here I am, outside, looking. Being alive maybe? I don't know, but here are my findings in just two weeks time... not to mention, my books, toys and Vic. Sec. that haven't arrived in the mail yet... AAAGGGHHH!!!


diane said...

The vintage candy dish could also be used for fruit in the kitchen.
Love the little bird necklace. xo

Annie said...

that turquoise dress is BEAUTIFUL, i love how drapey and grecian looking it is.


Audrey Pongracz said...

I love flea markets and vintage toy shows, I usually spend any extra cash on this stuff! ^_^

are all the Humptys sold?! :(

brandi milne said...

No, there will be more Humpty's available in my shop soon...I'll be posting when they will hit the store!! Vintage and toys...aye!!

bananas. said...

love the vintage dish, the dress, the top, love it all! thanks for stopping by my blog.


Anonymous said...

I love the jewelry and I totally adore the candy dish. I have a similar one :).