Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ice Cream Day Inside My Purse

Yesterday I got to help scoop ice cream for Banana Split Day at my son's school. You remember, when you did good on your math papers, you get a scoop of ice cream on the board? Or cherries, or chocolate syrup? It was a good time.

One of my favorite things to find on other blogs is "What's in my bag?" Here's what's in my bag:

My bag comes from Hurley, it's huge, ridiculous and I love it!

keys with robot head and pizza
ice cream scoop (yes, that was really in there)
make up bag with make up goodies
two pairs of sunglasses
Doublemint Gum
deodorant (yeah, just in case!)
lip glosses, chapstick and vanilla perfume stick (smells like cupcakes)
antique pin

Lip glosses, Buxom in Lola and Benefit almost all gone.

This is a close up of the pin, it reminded my son of my mom. She was a jewelry FIEND, and I mean F-I-E-N-D! So in his mind, this kind of thing reminds him of her, so he treasures it. This post makes me think of her too, she had thee most ridiculous things in her purses. My siblings and I used to tease her because she would literally grab something out of the junk drawer (everyone has at least one, right?) and shove it in her purse before we would leave the house. She carried life savers - original pack, lemon drops in a baggy, usually an old compact mirror from who-knows-when, her big 'ol sunglasses like Sofia Loren (even when they weren't the coolest, she looked the coolest), something crappy from the drawer, and a HUGE GRIP of change to give to the Salvation Army Santa Clauses. I miss making fun of her for it...

What is in your bags????? I love it!!!! Post it on your blogs and please let me know!!


HoneyBunny said...

I love ice-cream...I think I love most of the flavours;D

Your bag is great, and I love those what's-in-the-bag posts:)) I've done one myself recently;)

Sarah said...

love it!

You inspired me to do a 'What's in your bag post'.. it is ridiculous.. I need to empty my bag more often..

Carl V. said...

Love the design of the Buxom Lips packaging. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

the brass knuckes, pizza, and pink robot- what a unique keychain! also yay, honda love.

linnie said...

I love ice cream sooo much tooo! I don't have much in my bag... :(

Amy C said...

oooh waht a fun and cute pin