Monday, June 29, 2009

Who's Tattoos

RAH!! Tattoos? Yes. I have gotten a lot of people asking permission to get my work tattooed on their person. I will always say yes, on one condition...YOU SEND ME A PICTURE!! I am flattered beyond the moon that anyone would love my work that much, and it's an honor for me to be able to see it! Here are a few of the pics I DO have, and if you're out there, with something of mine, pleeeeeeeaaase send me an email with the pics!!

This was the very first of my work tattooed on someone (I think). My husband found it randomly doing a search of my name online. I flipped out, I remember my head getting hot and being speechless - just standing there when he showed me. I was so flattered and shocked and surprised and it blew my mind.

This was the second one I was aware of, this girl might have emailed me, I'm not sure. Still shocked and flattered.

This girl contacted me recently - she gone done the whole thing! This is inspired by my Alice In Wonderland series. I think on the other arm she has "Where The Wild Things Are" which is just rad.

Some more images of the thing. (sorry, it's tiny!)

And now this. Last year at BABY TATTOOVILLEI had the pure pleasure of meeting and hanging out with HANNAH AITCHISON (waaay hot and talented tattoo artist - seen on LA Ink). She has the biggest, bluest eyes you'll ever see, and she's way super cool. Anyway, she had gone into work one day in Chicago (during the LA Ink break) and her co worker there was working on this one!! I flew thru the roof, so excited!

I lost some photos of a girl who had gotten a piece of mine tattooed on her ribs - it took up the entire side of her tiny body, and I have somehow blown it with those pics.

This is the image, and hers looked great too!

Here's to all the ladies (and gentlemen) who have guts to do this, thank you! I'm flattered!! You have my permission and blessing, but please send me pics! I love you!


Jetta's Nest said...

OK, so I'm still totally blown away by how amazing your work is! I really love your style :)

My brother got one of my drawings tattooed on his arm (a pinup) and I was totally freaked out. I was so worried that he'd start to hate it but he assures me that he just loves it and wants another!


so good for bunnies said...

Aww! These look great :) I've been planning for sometime to get some of the images from "So Good for Little Bunnies" tattooed around my forearm creating a sort of surreal bunny sleeve eventually(and working in some other artists work up to my shoulder). As soon as I get it done though (...when I have the funds) I will be sure to send you pics :D

Thea Schultheiss said...

Oh these are so good, my fave things, art & tattooing!

Must make you so proud to know someone has choosen to adorn themselves eternally with your work!

Maybe I'll tattoo your playing card on me!!

Anonymous said...

They are really stunning works of art. Truly unique pieces.