Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thanks For Everything, Thea Schultheiss

I just wanted to point something out to all yall today. Her name is Thea, Thea, Bo-Bea (well, Thea). Her blog looks a little LIKE THIS and you will find goodness and talent in her pages. She was a winner of my Pair Of Twos giveaway a while back, and she was very gracious to post her winnings on her blog and left me a link. Then as I was looking thru her posts, I was super excited to find how talented she is!

This is her painting, that I want for my own. Pink, Bunny, what else do you need?

And cute to boot! If you know what's good for you, you'll definately go visit her blog and HER WEBSITE (I've had a little trouble with it, but maybe you'll have better luck!). She should be seen. We should all become followers of her blog and her work...and while you're at it, leave her some love, as you know how important it can be in our daily blogging!

And thank you Thea, for the all kindness and the posts - you're awesome.


Blood Milk said...

yes she's super cute!
thanks for sharing...her work is lovely.

Thea Schultheiss said...

Eeeeeeekkkk!! Woweee, Brandi, what are you like?! Thank you!

Heee, I never had a shout out before!

Oh yessums, the site is frozen, it's being updated and the only link working is the one to my blog! Hopefully it will be there soon, I have a bunch of new work to upload, and then we're done and go live!

You are too cool, and I am honored to own some of your work, no matter own teeny! ... and now feature on your bloggy!


Veronica said...

How great is that rabbit!!

It reminds me of the old Golden Books, but with her own twist :)

...love Maegan said...

I am a huge Mark Ryden lover ...that magazine cover caught my eye ...your work is fabulous! ...the bunny is cute as well ;)

brandi milne said...

Super cute and talent filled.