Friday, June 5, 2009

My Nightstand And Me

Red is my favorite of all the colors!!

My mom's old book from the 40's, Fairy Tales, Stories, Mother Goose & Nursery Rhymes - it's so delicate and old! My Kat Von D. book High Voltage Tattoo and the cutest photo album from Target ($6!) where I keep my favoritest pictures.

I went to Kat's signing at the Barnes and Noble right down the street. She was 100% awesome, and there were soooo many fans there. I got thru quick tho, cuz I snuck around and payed attention. I gave her a copy of MY book and she was so cute and excited and nice. (Super pretty in real life as well as on the tube.) Picture of my husband and myself at Canter's in LA. He's super cute here, I love this picture.

Drawings/sketches for my Ugly Folk Tales series: The Wolfman And The Bearded Lady. My favorite box...

Inside the box I glued the word Farrah because I love Farrah Fawcett something aweful! This is the softest Winnie the Pooh from Target as well, bejeweled with buttons and fanfare from Marukai 99cent store and others.

Elvis at my side.

Big vintage poster from China Town LA - one of my favorite spots to go to ever.

And there you have it. Speaking of night, I had another night terror last night...this time, it was a soft little boy's head made of fluff that was alive on a string above my bed. I had to wiggle out from underneath it, so as not to disturb it, then my husband woke up and made a fuss again - disturbing the fluff boy. I was mad at him (again), when he had done this, and he told me there was nothing there, but I had to turn on the light anyway. When I saw that the boy was gone, I got super mad and went back to sleep in a huff. Crazy.

Off to do what I do!! Happy Friday People!!


HoneyBunny said...

Such a lovely post! Love red too, you look so good in that colour:)

HoneyBunny said...

Oh my! So sorry, I haven;t noticed!
Could you give me your email address? I can't find it anywhere.

Thanks so much dear!:****

so good for bunnies said...

ugly folk tales series... I'm excited to see more :D

Amelia said...

This stuff is always so sweet and vintage looking.