Sunday, September 13, 2009

Babylon Was Excellent

We went to Camille Rose Garcia's The Hydra Of Babylon last night at Merry Karnowsky Gallery last night! Woot woot!! This is the 3rd show of hers I've been to, but the first show opening, so I was soooo very excited and nervous like a little girl. No one can make me quite as star struck as Camille.

I was so happy to see some more antique bottles with black ribbons dripping down the walls.

The work was amazing, the show as a whole was completely divine. Lots of deep hues and brights ~love the drawings and the glitter that are so signature and delicious.

The softies! In a little corner of the gallery, the black and white KILLS me.

The tags are wonderful, like Christmas morning to me. Perfect design and presentation, it makes me squeal! Right?!

Her details are taking over, they're just everywhere! On such large panels, there's something to look at in every nook. She brought out the wood grain that somehow looked like feathers and magic. She's got the text and I'm always a fan ~ it lends a bit of storybook nostalgia to the pieces.

She's like the Fonze ~ like Elvis ~ like Cher. She's cool as cash. Lookit her hat. She's so gracious and sweet, my nervousness was quickly dashed and melted away. Brody Dalle of Spinnerette was just as gracious, pure pleasure to meet ~ she was the one who took this pic. Camille's laughing and I'm not sure.

There were cupcakes galore which were a hit and delish except they were so flippin huge I couldn't finish! What? Me not finish my cupcake? Please.

This is a bigun. I love the girls face and the red bomb smokes in the back.

There were so many artist celebs in the building, starting with Todd Schorr, Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Seonna Hong, Jeff Soto. The singer from Queens of the Stone Age Josh Homme was there with Host for the night Brody.

I'm sure there'll be many photos of the night and of her works over the next few months popping up everywhere. She's celebrated as she should be, she has given the world and people like me new breath and candied excitement over and over again and wrapped it with dripping black ribbons. How do you tell someone how you've felt about them (their work/their passion/their THEM), and what they've made possible in YOUR life and your world? You just can't. I wish we could.


Colouring Outside The Lines said...

Woah, it all looks so incredible. Your last sentence/question is something I feel often.

Peanutbutter_Eric said...

IT LOOKS AMAZING!...And you got to meet Brody Dalle aswell!?! So jealous! But i'm glad you had a great time!...Her work is flipping awesome...makes me want to cry glitter and rainbows...

Blood Milk said...

O. you have no idea how incredibly jealous of you i am. i want to be there so badly.

So Good for Bunnies said...

I'm so jealous you went (I was out of town this weekend) but also so glad you were there to take pictures to share with us! I'm hoping to get over there before it's taken down. The work looks superb!

brandi milne said...

Yes, it was amazing. That's one good thing about LA, right? I love that woman.

Victoria Stitch said...

your so lucky! I would have loved to go to that!

ThaMuteOne said...

Yeah.. it was a great show.. Your right details were amazing and colors also amazing !! definite must see in person. . You must have been there before everyone else because mk gallery was overflowing that night.