Tuesday, September 8, 2009

King Richards, It's Hot

Went to Whittier again for some good ol fashion thrift storing this weekend! Gosh darnit, the place we went to had all kinds of goodness, but OVERPRICED goodness!

Howdy Duty head lookin out from the case...

And lookit this guy! Can you see the little snail? I wanted him but he was $30!

They had some wonderful tin signs...

And this little girl that I think we had when I was little. Does anyone remember her?

This wise guy was $30 too...I woulda bot him for 5. Am I cheap?

I think all that vintage browsing inspired me to do this.

It's acrylic and ink on a vintage record set I had found a while back at Salvation Army. Just a little bear riding a popsicle thru space. His expression is in German and reads: Don't Panic Folks!


Peanutbutter_Eric said...

Wow! That stuff looks awesome!...and your painting is truly wonderful as usual!:D

Audrey Pongracz said...

Im a flea market/Antique store junkie too!
I dont think those toys are too much, thats actually an ok price for them. Both the tin snail, and those rabbits are usually exspensive.
It looks like thats a awesome store!

brandi milne said...

Well, maybe so, but I want em cheap!!

ThaMuteOne said...

. . That little girl has a creepy look to her.. interesting. .i always want to find cheap items as well have to look and find the right places for that. are you keen to the Whittier area only ? there is a good spot by downtown l.A. .