Monday, September 28, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Comes!!

Hip HIp for HALLOWEEN!! I've released my second annual Halloween Print, "Something Wicked" and it's AVAILABLE NOW!! It's limited edition, signed and numbered on 100% cotton acid free paper and measures 11.5"x11" I'm so excited about this one, I can harldly contain myself!! For the FIRST 20 BUYERS, there will be a FREE mini print to go along with it!

Here he is, the freebie! He measures 6"x4" and like I said, he's free to the first 20 buyers.

He'll be placed in these super cute trick or treat bags for your eye candied pleasure!

The image of the black bird head was one of my night terrors a while back. This was crouching over by my dresser in the middle of the night - not moving...just crouching and creeping me out. I woke up my husband and he didn't believe me! It made me even more scared cuz now the creeper knew I was alone. eeeps!! So now, you can have your very own crouched creeper from Something Wicked!! sweeet!!

And onto other exciting news, BABY TATTOOVILLE is happening this coming Friday - Sunday!!! I'm so excited, so many flippin unbelievable artists will be attending, I'm talking the likes of Liz McGrath, Audrey Kawasaki, Miss Mindy, Travis Louie and Greg "Craola" Simkins just to name a few!! These talents will be "hosting" the event this year, live painting, sketching, conversing, eating, drinking and being merry! It's an all-out art social extravaganza - for the artist and the art lover.

I love it because it's so different from your gallery show, where you have a crowd of people you're not sure who's who, and you have a good 3 minutes to "get to know" eachother. This event allows everyone a unique opportunity to be yourself and to really get to know whomever you like in a crazy, open, friendly, supportive atmosphere. I met some of my very favorite people in the art world there last year, and I'm ever grateful to have had that experience with them and consider them real friends.

Before the event last year, I was a wreck. I was so nervous, not knowing what to expect and fearing the worst. I thought it would be awkward and super structured and lonely in a crowd of strangers. ONCE I GOT THERE, I was able to be me. To be just me. Brandi Milne, shy, happy, weird, art freaker. The way it's set up, (by the genius mind behind the madness, Mr. Robert Self of Baby Tattoo Books) is so wonderfully casual and friendly, it works to perfection. Everyone is there to have a great relaxed weekend and enjoy eachother's fingerprint on the world. Seriously.

PLUS, people, it's held at the Riverside Mission Inn, in ALL it's old-world charm, mystery and beauty! I'm so looking forward to this place, it's not even funny! I'll be taking loads of pictures, and you betcher butt I'll be posting and blabbing soon after!

left to right: OG sketch Dave Cooper, OG sketch Ana Bagayan, OG sketch Glenn Barr

There's only 4 spots left for attendees, there were only 45 offered. This event is truly amazing in EVERY ASPECT. Believe me, I get no reward for bragging it up, it's TRULY AMAZING. The giveaway bag on Sunday - chalk full of one-of-a-freakin-kind originals, prints, toys and what-nots is worth every penny (and then some!) that the attendees put into their spot. Walking away from that experience with a bag full of serious loot makes you feel like you just robbed Baby Tattoo Blind!

My giveaway for this year is a Fine Art Print of my piece "The Burden Of Cake". There's 50 pieces signed and numbered exclusively for the Baby Tattooville attendees this year. I'm not quite finished cutting all the pieces out (by hand!) and wrapping em up just so.

Also on the agenda for the event is the museum show on Saturday night. This is a sneaky peek of my piece - speaking of, I gotta get to work!! Hope you guys have a great week! Mine's gonna kick my butt.


Anonymous said...

That print is awsome... Placing my order now! Cya at babytattoo!


Peanutbutter_Eric said...

Your blog is a joy to read! It really is!...
Your work is as beautiful as ever and I hope to have some money in time to get one of these prints!...
Hope you have a super duper time at Baby Tattooville!...

Heidi A. said...

Awesome print!
Baby Tattooville sounds really really fun. I wish wish wish I could be there.

So Good for Bunnies said...

Hi! I'm trying to buy the print but unfortunately the link to my paypal cart isn't working. Is that just me, or is the link broken? Thanks <3

Jennifer Lewis said...

It is one of my dreams to be able to attend. Have fun (:
-I look forward to more pics.

Blood Milk said...

i wish wish wish i could come. i'd give a tooth or a phantom limb! i wish you the best time ever & can't wait to see the pics from it!
x Maegan said...

oh I just love your work! Those bunny cards. wow.