Thursday, September 10, 2009

Never Before Seen Illustrations?

Going thru my big black case in the closet the other day...look what I found!! A few illustrations from back in the day!!

Hong Kong Lucky's was a Christmas card I made for my husband in '03. Before we were married. That's a pagoda firework he gave me that sat on my desk at home for years. The monster climbing up is "Toots".

This was made for my husband in '02. Daus En Auberaupt. I didn't write down the translation, and I can't find a website that will tell me exactly what it means! Something about death? House of Dying?

{So very blurry!} Anyway, this is a puppet freak that loves caterpillars. He has to go put them down in this little land where caterpillars belong. He's pretty sad about it...

I was proud of my lettering. I was working at my old job where we had to do a lot of different lettering styles by hand. That was one good thing about that place.

My parents would rent a cabin for a week in Arrowhead where I would draw ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT - it was so dreamy!

"Feast of the Olives" was a reference book (cook book) at that same job. I loved the title, so I made this for my husband (for Christmas) with a little story poem.

The olives live in these pears, and here the choir of Olives sings in chorus.

Gambling Hall and Saloon in '03. For my husband again, I made this at the cabin.

There was a pack of playing cards we played with there from a casino with the name Silver Slipper. I loved the sound of that, so I used it in hopes of making this a little more mysterious.

If you follow my work you'll see Punkins are my fav - showing their grins in just about everything! ~The image of the burning punkin in my book was made at the cabin too, along with some others. That cabin was inspiration heaven.

Gypsy Beamish & Lilibet. This was a piece I made for a Create;Fixate show back in '04. I love me some gypsy, thanks to early Sonny and Cher, and here she is. "Beamish" and "Lilibet" are from a Charlie's Angels episode where Jaqueline Smith goes a little nuts and is hypnotized into a freaky state.

She kept saying Beamish and Lilibet over and over and it turned out she was tortured by her nanny when she was little. One was her dolly and the other was her nanny, I forget which one. It was sooooo ridiculous {and wonderful!}, I wanted to incorporate it here.

This was a tee shirt design for a clothing/surf company from '07.

The company didn't end up using it because it didn't fit their masculine appeal. Basically it was rejected.

This was going to be on the sleeve or in the back, I thought it was perfectly masculine.

This fine portrait work didn't make it into my book So Good For Little Bunnies. I didn't think it really fit into the feel, so I 86ed it. You can see Be Be, Ginger Finley, Hoxie Clark and Captain Solo smiling for their portraits.

Hoxie's portrait rules.

These were in a Paper Pushers show at Gallery 1988 San Fransisco in '07.

The show was in September before my FIRST solo show in December, and I wanted to make them sort of like an invitation to come out.

It has a birthday theme, cakes, cards, mushrooms. What's not to like?

**If anyone has any questions or inquiries about the availability of some of these pieces, drop me an email**


Michele Lynch Art said...

Your work is so fabulous Brandi I can't even pick a favorite out of this!! I left an award for you on my blog if you get a chance slide by and pick it up! xo

Blood Milk said...

i want one! i'd love the one the surf company rejected. want to trade? ? ? jewelry or painting???

brandi milne said...

Thank you ladies!!!!