Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Sissy's B-Day!

My sister Tifi is gonna kill me. But - she doesn't read this blog, {she said so herself} so she deserves it. Anyway, it was her birthday the other day, and I wanted to dedicate this post to her! She's the cutest little thing {as you will see}, nice and funny and ridiculous. To me, she's everything, shared in part by only a few others. When we were growing up, she and I grouped together as my oldest sister and my brother grouped together (there's four of us). So, she and I were close - dancing in the front yard to Cindy Lauper with skirts Tifi made, playing Cathy and Mini dolls and drawing haunted houses, Spook and Julie Miller stories. It was the best! Without her, I wouldn't be who I am now, and I love her very much.

Here are both my sisters on Halloween, Tifi's on the left and that's Marli on the right - both in Hand-Made costumes by my mom, that's how we did. Sooo cute!!

Here's the four of us, before we went to Disneyland!! That's my brother Shad dressed like Don Ho on the left, and the rest of us girls dressed to the nines! I wish I had Tifi's dress, as it is wonderful...Weeeee!!

So I made Tifi chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate frosting and Butter Cream with chocolate sprinkles. (she loves chocolate)

And like I said - she's the cutest thing SINCE chocolate sprinkles, right? Here she is in costume for Bastille Day as cute as can be! I love this picture.

So, Happy Birthday Bif!! Love ya HUN!! HA!

(by the way, she'll probably make me take this one down when she finds out by my other sister who DOES read this blog - Hi Mar! Ha Ha Ha!! Yer next!!)


♥Aubrey said...

Cupcakes are my favorite! I could eat one anytime of day. Happy belated b-day to your sis.

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday, Tifi. You and Marli look so glam in your Halloween costumes. Marli has a Jackie Kennedy-Onassis look going on too. Have a great day!

*daisy said...

hee!! Love the top picture! classic! : D

Menta Mint said...


Antoni Micó Floriach said...

Congratulations for your world and for your paints!

Alessandra Fusi said...

Today's not my birthday but...I've just received your book!!!

♥ Thank you so much dear it's totally awesome!!! ♥

And thanks for those little surprises!!!

I'm going to eat those awesome-looking cadies together with my little sister, to celebrate you and your sister's birthday! :)

...Oh, and the little bunnies, of course!


Natasha Burns said...

Hope your sis had a great birthday! What a lovely tribute to her. I see your other sis hasn't told her yet, maybe she'll keep it a secret too :)

Blood Milk said...

the new header looks amazing and i loved these family photos!!!