Friday, July 3, 2009

Shoot Em Up, HA!

Shooting rifles is fun. Wearing messy ponytails is fun also.

Dirt is dirty. My shoes are dirty.

Gross bugs are sick. It looked like a "Cootie".

The bowling pins got shot.

We killed them.

Traffic on the way home is a bummer.

Happy Fourth Of July!


so good for bunnies said...

I LOVE shooting :D I always wish I could go shot watermelons and tomatoes, lol. Bowling pins are a pretty awesome thing to be shooting too though (I've only shot indoors, so have not experienced a fun range of targets yet)!

Blood Milk said...

i love a lady who can shoot a gun

Aya Smith said...

I've only done some can shooting and some paintball, haha :) It's surprisingly fun!!!

Anonymous said...

cool! and omg that bug is digusting!!

mariarose said...

Eeee I love your messy ponytail! :) lol xxx